DNP Project

  Review an commodity appear in a associate advised healthcare journal- appraise the commodity application belief in the account set abreast for columnist submission. Complete the analysis application the architecture provided in the arrangement below. Rubric Scholarly Commodity ReviewScholarly Commodity ReviewCriteriaRatingsPtsThis archetype is affiliated to a Learning OutcomeStudent submits a pdf or a articulation to the commodity advised and it is bookish in nature. This archetype is affiliated to a Learning OutcomeArticle analysis that includes all appropriate sections per the guidelines of the publisher. Guidelines from publishers are supplied back they are utilized. If the all-encompassing analysis anatomy is acclimated in abode of administrator recommendations, the address evaluates all apparatus including the following: Introduction, Background/Literature Support, Methodology, Results, Discussion, Bibliography/References, Problem account identified, citizenry specified, alternative key factors noted, Decision, Originality (Contribution To The Field, Technical Quality, Clarity Of Presentation, Depth Of Research/Content), Recommendations  

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