DNP: Emerging Areas of Human Health

This is a assiduity from allotment 1 of the Case Report  Topic: Case Report: Allotment 2 You will be creating a case address in stages over four advance topics. This appointment will add to your antecedent appointment in Affair 2. Use an archetype from your own claimed practice, experience, or own personal/family; however, apish cases are not adequate for convenance hours and accordingly not adequate for this assignment. Examples ability accommodate a accommodating with Duchesne's able-bodied dystrophy. Huntington's disease, Down's syndrome, sickle corpuscle anemia, BRCA 1 or BRCA 2 mutations, or alternative abiogenetic ataxia that you and/or the alignment you convenance in may specialize in treating. General Requirements: Use the afterward advice to ensure acknowledged achievement of the assignment: · Doctoral learners are appropriate to use APA appearance for their autograph assignments.  · This appointment requires that at atomic two added bookish assay sources accompanying to this topic, and at atomic one in-text commendation from anniversary antecedent be included. · You are appropriate to abide this appointment to LopesWrite.  Directions: For this appointment (Part 2 of the Case Report), address a 1,000-1,250 chat cardboard accumulation assay advice abstruse from assigned readings in Capacity 1-3. Accommodate the following: 1. Describe if chromosomal assay is/was indicated. 2. Detail the causes of the disorder. 3. Describe the ataxia in agreement of its agent as either a distinct gene inheritance, or as a circuitous bequest and considerations for convenance and accommodating education. 4. Analyze the gene alteration of the disease, as able-bodied as whether it is acquired or inherited, and how the alteration occurs.

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