Diversity Worksheet

1. What is diversity? Why is assortment valued? Assortment is the accompaniment of actuality of actuality diverse; difference; unlikeness. It is the differences in backgrounds and traits. It’s the aberration from being to being in commendations to their age, race, ethnicity, concrete capabilities, religious behavior and added afresh animal orientation. Assortment is admired because as a association we’re in chase of enrichment, experiences, and acceptance. How abounding times accept you activated for appliance and on the appliance it states “Equal Appliance Opportunity”? It’s because of our assortment that businesses are able to thrive; we’re able to ability communities that were contrarily unreachable. Assortment is admired because it’s what makes our communities unique; it’s what makes our communities successful. 2. What is ethnocentrism? In what means can ethnocentrism be adverse to a society? Ethnocentrism is the acceptance in the inherent ahead of one’s own indigenous accumulation or culture. Ethnocentrism can be adverse to a association because it leads to cultural misinterpretations, abortive judgments and aberrant thoughts. Take for instance the case of the suicide of Tyler Clementi. His acquaintance Dharun Ravi afraid him via amusing media based on Clementi’s animal orientation, one of the abounding groups acclimated to analyze people. Ravi’s ethnocentric acceptance that he was bigger than Clementi because Clementi was homosexual and he was not is what may accept pushed Clementi over the bend causing him to accomplish suicide. Ethnocentric behavior are adverse to our society. 3. Define abandonment and immigration. Emigration is the act of abrogation ones country or arena to achieve in another, admitting clearing is the act of advancing to a country, usually for abiding residence. An acutely aerial percent of Americans are decedents of immigrants who came to the United States. In 1994, my parents, my sister and I emigrated from Trinidad and immigrated to the United States. 4. What are some of the means groups of bodies are identified? There are several means that groups of bodies are identified. For starters, and apparently the best obvious, is the ancestral group. The ancestral accumulation is area bodies are articular by the concrete characteristics, whether the being is white, black, Asian, etc. Then there’s the indigenous group. Abounding bodies abash indigenous and race. Ethnicity is based on the person’s origin, accordingly in this accumulation we’d assort bodies according to area their ancestors are from. For instance, the person’s chase would be white, but ethnically they are Polish American. Thirdly, there’s the adoration grouping. The religious accumulation is cocky explanatory; the accumulation is disconnected into altered religions, whether it’s Christianity, Muslim, Hinduism, Catholicism, Judaism, etc. Last but absolutely not least, addition way groups of bodies are articular is gender. Obviously, there’s the aberration amid men and women, but added afresh now we accept transgender and transsexual. Alternative groups accommodate age, disability, and amusing class. 5. Why do bodies characterization and accumulation alternative people? Bodies characterization and accumulation alternative bodies because throughout our lives we abound up experiencing the adults that beleaguer us accomplishing the same. There are abounding groups that advise their accouchement to abhorrence alternative groups. For instance, afterwards the 9/11 tragedy I’ll never balloon walking into the grocery with my parents and a little boy pointing to my ancestor and calling him a terrorist. Rather than his mother explain to him appropriate at that moment that not anybody that is “brown” is a terrorist, she aloof looked at my father, formed her eyes and pulled her little boy away. I accept bodies characterization and accumulation alternative bodies because they are apprenticed to the facts of the other’s culture, religion, race, etc. alignment they’re allocation bodies in. Rather than apprentice facts, they’d rather assume.

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