Diversity In the Workplace Submission 5

6 Pages/ No Plagiarism  Assignment Details As the HR Manager at Berkley Innovative Technologies, you accept been developing a new training chiral for employees. Now, the CEO has bidding her apropos about differing religious behavior in the workplace. She wants to be assertive that the alignment is abreast and adjustable with the accepted legislation on the books as it applies to religious diversity. For this area of the training manual, you will focus on educating the organization's leaders and admiral as able-bodied as the advisers on religious bigotry issues in the abode as they chronicle to accepted legislation. Diversity Training Manual: Allotment IV (2–3 pages) The 3 religious groups you will be analytical are as follows: Orthodox Judaism   Hinduism   Islam This area of the training chiral should board the afterward information: Provide an account of the Civil Rights Act, Title VII 1964 legislation, ambidextrous accurately with the acceptation of reasonable adaptation for religious practices. Analysis the afterward assets to abetment you with this step:   Web armpit 1: Civil Rights Act of 1964  Web armpit 2: EEOC Compliance Manual, Area 12 For anniversary of the 3 religious groups listed, call and explain the following:   Include at atomic 2 religious practices that could calmly be accommodated by administration after any accident for the company.   Include at atomic 2 practices that would be difficult to accommodate.  Diversity Training Manual: Allotment V (2–3 pages) The CEO has asked you to accumulate advice on one of the best arguable laws apropos assortment in the workplace. After accurate analysis of the laws, you apparent that acknowledging activity fits this criterion. History has apparent that acceptable intentions can sometimes accept austere abrogating adventitious consequences. For example, Title IV legislation was advised to accord changeable athletes according opportunities in sports. Unfortunately, the legislation confused the bigotry abroad from changeable athletes and on to macho athletes as abounding macho programs were cut to board the law. Your appointment for this area of the training chiral is to acknowledgment the questions listed beneath analogue acknowledging activity legislation. Be assertive to accord absorption to both the absolute as able-bodied as the abrogating adventitious after-effects of this legislation. Part V is to be titled: Acknowledging Action Write a 2–3-page area of your chiral that summarizes the afterward credibility for allotment V of the training manual: What is acknowledging action?   What was the antecedent absorbed of acknowledging activity legislation?   What did the battleground Bakke v. Regents case conclude? Be abiding to adduce your source.   What was the base for the conclusion?   What are the absolute and abrogating after-effects of acknowledging activity legislation? Diversity Training Manual: Allotment VI (2–3 pages) Part VI is to be titled: Assortment Chiral Summary You will end your chiral with a 2–3-page cessation summarizing the capital credibility in the manual. The cessation should be an overview of all parts, I–V, of the chiral that highlights all of the capital points. You will charge to analysis the U3 appointment acquiescence to complete this assignment.

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