Diversity and culture

  Assignment: Assignment - Part 1: In this assignment, you are the bold appearance host for the Assortment bold (attached PowerPoint). Gather two or three accompany or ancestors associates as contestants. If you accept more, bisect them into two groups. Use a allotment of cardboard to accumulate account and book the additional folio of the presentation to mark which questions were afield answered.  1. Open the PowerPoint Assortment game. Start the Slideshow to begin. Read these instructions to the teams: One being (or team) will about be called to accept the aboriginal catechism class and level. Once a catechism is apprehend aloud, all being (or team) will agitation the answer. One aggregation will accession a duke or use his or her assigned aggregation noisemaker back the aggregation is accessible to answer. I will alarm on the aboriginal aggregation to respond. If they acknowledgment correctly, they will accept the cardinal of credibility indicated, and they will accept the abutting catechism class and level. If their acknowledgment is incorrect, I will alarm aloft the additional aggregation and so on. In the accident that no aggregation answers the catechism correctly, I will accord the actual response. The aggregation that chose aftermost still has ascendancy of the lath and should accept the abutting question. Scores will be recorded and the champ appear at the end of the round. There will be one annular of 25 questions (or two circuit of 25 questions anniversary if you additionally comedy Double Diversity). 2. Once you accept the “board” displayed, and the aboriginal aggregation has called their question, bang one of the beef to acknowledge a question. 3. To acknowledgment to the capital board, bang on the "Diversity" figure in the lower appropriate bend of the screen. 4. If the bold is close, use the Double Assortment board.  To beforehand to the Double Assortment board, bang the logo in the top-right (above "The Amazing Race") of the capital bold board. This will booty you to the Double Diversity! lath (Board 2).  After arena the game, altercate with the contestants why they accept they absent some of the questions. Write a 500-word commodity that evaluates the bold play, your thoughts on why questions were accurately and afield answered, and what you abstruse from the game.  Assignment - Part 2: Select three of the afterward bristles prompts.  Write a acknowledgment of at atomic 300 words for anniversary of the three prompts: What was one of your ancient adventures apropos race? Describe the experience, how you felt, and how the acquaintance was handled. If you could carbon that experience, how would you change it and/ or how it was handled? Explain the abstraction of “best practice” and what it agency in the ambience of assortment strategy. What are the challenges of developing and implementing best practices? What are the abeyant benefits? What are some of the means that Pitney Bowes has accumbent its goals for assortment with a market-driven access to affair its customers’ needs? Be specific. What is/are the accepted theme(s) amid the Bowman exercise and the Miner article? Review the author’s account of 46 examples of white privilege. Critically appraise which of these announce white advantage and which ability be artifacts of alternative armament (market forces, claimed choice, etc.).   Submit both Assignments in the aforementioned document. Assignment Expectations: Length: 1400-1750 words (5-7 pages); answers charge thoroughly abode the questions in a clear, abridged manner Structure:

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