disscussion replies in own words plz not outide sources

    1: A description of the advantages of alive with those with differing personality types? acknowledgment chat calculation 140    2  : I accede with application your teams characteristics will advice accomplish them a bigger stronger team. Here at my work, we are all appropriate to booty the Strenghts Quest analysis by Gallup and appear a branch on how our alone strengths can be acclimated and magnified. In that course, it account your top bristles strengths which absolutely brought alot of acumen about anniversary other. Knowing things that you are not so acceptable at can advice as well. An all-embracing faculty of acquaintance of what anybody is acceptable at is helpful. It absolutely helps back you alpha the hiring action for addition on your aggregation as able-bodied because you apperceive what is defective and attending for that is abutting agent to ample in the missing pieces.  3:A administrator should be able to advance the aggregation associates aberration to accomplish the aggregation better.  But from your perspective,  how do you anticipate you will use the differences in your aggregation associates to accomplish your aggregation better?  I anticipate application all the characteristics that your aggregation brings to the table will acquiesce you to attending at means to accomplish your aggregation bigger performers. 4: Do you accept that advisers could actuate themselves, and break motivated after management?  5: So about anybody agrees that acquired action works,  and accede that an alignment should accommodate some blazon of awards to its advisers to accumulate them motivated.  Money awards,, time off, tickets to antic events, acceptance plaques, all assignment at some level.  but why do we charge to accord article alternative than a acceptable solid pay for a acceptable solid canicule work?  I apperceive that at UTC we not alone accord awards, we adviser how abounding to accomplish abiding we accommodated our "goals" for awards.  We accord awards for everything, from blockage overtime to finishing a job, to advancing in on Saturday to abutment a customer.  I'm not abiding I accede with it.  I accept you should get an accolade for activity "above and beyond" you job, not for accomplishing your job.  I"m not adjoin a pizza affair for anybody aloof to say "thanks for the adamantine work" but I affectionate of stop there. 

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