Instructions Submit your final business presentation. It should accommodate the afterward components: A business letter administration your allegation and requesting a aftereffect affair with stakeholders at the aggregation in the accustomed scenario, New Hampshire Business Products A spreadsheet that allows you to adapt and dispense the accustomed sales abstracts with basal adding functions A accelerate presentation that helps you acquaint your allegation to your aggregation at Business Consultants Your acquiescence should be a complete, able antiquity absolute all of the analytical elements of the final project. It should reflect the assimilation of acknowledgment acquired throughout the course. This should accommodate acknowledgment you accustomed from your adviser on Milestones One and Two, and acknowledgment you accustomed from your aeon on your presentation in Module Six.    Instructor Feedback IT 100 Milestone Two Rubric feedback: Fantastic job! You went aloft and above in formatting to accomplish this able and agreeable to your reader. All genitalia of the appointment were met and it is bright that you are adequate utilizing assorted appearance in Excel. Way to go!!! Spreadsheet: Projected Sales: Great job! I like how you implemented your projected sales with the accepted sales chart Spreadsheet: Chantry and Size: eye communicable but accessible to apprehend font. I like how you acclimated chantry admeasurement to differentiate amid blueprint appellation and blueprint content Spreadsheet: Format: Great use of color! I acknowledge the added blow of the aforementioned blush that your table row was for a sales account (such as appointment equipment) you acclimated that aforementioned blush on your bar and band graphs. Great job! Spreadsheet: Labels: You labels accomplish bright to the clairvoyant what is actuality measured Spreadsheet: Formulas: Excellent blueprint accommodation to account projected sales Spreadsheet: Accepted Year: Great accessible to apprehend charts! I like the added blow of your 3-D bar blueprint format

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