Disney Musical Analysis

Music is a different allotment of animal beings.  Music can be acclimated to actualize accord accord and alike fun (Deutsch, 2013). The Disney achievement that took abode in Kings amphitheater on Flatbush Ave Brooklyn proves aloof how able and fun music and achievement can be. The ‘Circle of Life’ was acclimated as a soundtrack during the presentation and, originally performed by Elton John. It presents a airy camber on our activity journey. The soundtrack appeals to our thoughts by aperture our cognizance to the absolute potentials, consistent from the abiding accent that sends us into an artistic accompaniment and through the abstracted and astute resonances of the canal creating a affection area the adviser can affected misfortune.

The african affiliated abracadabra in the begining instantly communicates spirituality's accord with anomaly and as in Lim's extract, we seek new places to accretion a greater compassionate of ourselves. In the aboriginal part, The lyrics activate with an accretion acme that is adorning followed by the adage that not all believable opportunities can be taken. This again is adumbral by the moralistic bulletin that Activity is abbreviate so do not abusage it. The additional arrangement differenciates the encompassing ‘all are agreed’ with the ‘some say’ alpha the antecedent two curve advertence the bulletin that ‘you should never booty added than you give’ with boundless audiences. Again the anticipation is circuitous in the close campaign as the choir calls for a ‘Leap of Faith’ and ‘band of hope.’ Reiteration and chat appointment of the byword ‘circle of life’ in the aboriginal and aftermost curve of the arrangement stresses the ability of life. These account are harmonized with the aggregate of drums in the accomplishments abacus activity to the campaign by creating the pace. The abutting arrangement maked through the canal auspicious us to booty and accomplish best of things, inspite of the difficulties we may meet. 

The aftermost arrangement suggests the actuality that acuteness agency opportunities are unlimited. Though the acuteness may be intangible, every befalling counts as we are analytic for self-improvement. The access in aggregate appear the ends with boom which is about achievement abrogation us with achievement a advanced movement and the joy of actuality `blessed and altered' is axiomatic in the animation of the beat

The bounce acclimated in the soundtrack is 90 BPM. The music instruments that are fabricated use of in the song are a baby woodwind, piano, vocals, and percussion. The music starts with actual able vocals which grab your absorption and cull it appear the date and on what is about to happen. The vocals again about-face to harmonies from the choir of performers. Over that, the vocals activate a apathetic echo as a low abysmal boom is added to the mix. The song starts to build, the piano again comes in, and the activity and vibe aural the music grows too. The music comes to a calm aback as the baby woodwind plays off a bendable array of abate blazon sound. Again the best moment of the achievement arrives aback all the music comes aback in abruptly. The moment gave me a arrive activity accompanied with a hopeful vibe. The use of all of these instruments and the accomplished timing gives this song activity and brings the admirers to addition world. The accomplished achievement owes its bewitched and brief affection to the music alone, back the music is what sets the accent for the blow of the presentation. The music was amenable for all my excitement, and it served to lay the background for what is to come.


Deutsch, D. (Ed.). (2013). Psychology of music. Elsevier.

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