Making it "What You Will" Shakespeare's Twelfth Night's subtitle, "What You Will", entices the anticipation that you can accomplish the comedy what you'd like it to be. The admirers isn't the alone accumulation that gets to change the appearance of the comedy however. Through disguises and apocryphal identities, the characters in the comedy are able to adapt the comedy in an attack to accomplish their needs. Viola does this auspiciously by application her beard as a assistant to get abutting and claimed with Orsino, who she would not accept been abutting to normally. Sir Andrews guise on the alternative hand, doesn't assignment as able-bodied as he'd hoped. His attempts to blind his accurate Joking, alert personality with a affectation of machismo. His beard ends up axis Olivia off, instead of on. For both these characters, their attempts to change who they are, and accomplish the comedy what they will, assignment to reconstruct the artifice of the play. Viola's following at communicable Orsino's eye was calmly done already her beard abled her to get abutting to him. Without her disguise, she would be beheld as Just addition woman aggravating to attempt for Orsino's love, which he proclaims is alone for Olivia. In act 2, cene 'v, Orsino opens up to Cesario, his trusted confidant. He talks to Cesario and tells him all about how he angle love. He explains to Cesario that, "For, boy, about we do acclaim ourselves, Our fancies are added bemused and unfirm, Added longing, wavering, eventually absent and worn, Than women's are," (II, iv 30-34). This helps Viola, as she's able to accept that men, abnormally Orsino, accept clashing angel appear women, so she should not anguish about his adulation for Olivia. Without her adeptness to get Orsino to admit in her, she wouldn't absolutely apperceive what to do or how to act owards him. Gaining this information, she's able to act on it in a way that absolutely alters the play. Sir Andrew tries instead to b act how he thinks Olivia would like him to. He expects that she, like all alternative women, is admiring to a macho, able man. However, he couldn't be added wrong. He tries to abduct her this way for the majority of the comedy until he eventually learns that has been the affair that has afraid her abroad from him the accomplished time. It isn't until he challenges Viola to a bound that he realizes he's sunk to abysmal and his affairs with Olivia are over. Had Sir Andrew absolutely gone forth with whom he was, he may accept had a bigger adventitious with Olivia. He couldVe negated the accomplished adulation triangle by demography Olivia out of the game, but he adapted the artifice in a way which he couldn't do that. Both of the characters try to beard themselves to advance their affairs with their lovers. While it works for Viola, who finds out a lot about Orsino, it doesn't assignment for Sir Andrew who alone scares Olivia away. Whether they were acknowledged or not, the two of them adapted the artifice of the comedy by aggravating to accomplish it "What You Will". Disguises By therealestging

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