Choosing your arcane article activity on Disgrace by J. M. Coetzee is the aboriginal footfall to autograph your arcane assay paper.   After account the novel, you should be able to adjudge in which administration you'd like to booty your paper. Topics/ approaches (Focus on alone one of the following, admitting some may overlap): Analyze one of the accessory characters, such as Petrus.  Example:  Analyze not alone the called characters' personality but additionally what role  they played in advancing the all-embracing activity of the novel.   The protagonist's conflict, the hurdles to be overcome, and how he resolves it. Examples: It  could be achievement for change, both in South Africa and in David Lurie.  OR:  the abasement David Lurie has suffered over the activity with a apprentice and  how that matches the abasement South Africa has suffered through  apartheid. The activity of ambience to reinforce activity and characterization. Example:  post-apartheid South Africa is a ambience arguably added important than  anything abroad in the novel. Your alfresco sources would be a bit of  history apropos apartheid.The use of arcane accessories to acquaint  theme: imagery, metaphor, symbolism, foreshadowing, irony   Symbolism in the novel-- Examples: Determine  if David Lurie represents the old, white authorities of South Africa,  while Lucy represents the new white bodies of South Africa.  OR:   Analyze what dogs betoken in this story. Another example: What  is adumbrated by the opera David Lurie is autograph on Byron?   Careful  examination of one or added axial scenes and its/their acute role in  plot development, resolution of conflict, and account of the theme. Example: Analyze  one or added scenes in which achievement that change for the bigger is accessible  through a character's anguish and consecutive action, for example, the  scene in which David Lurie apologizes to the parents OR the arena in  which Lucy gets raped. The accessible affair to be addressed in accession or conclusion: Characteristics  that accomplish the assignment archetypal (or atypical) of the period, the setting, or  the columnist that produced it. For this information, you charge go to a  library database (you charge apprehend "How to Access Miami Dade Databases" if  you don't apperceive how) or a accurate chase site, such as Google Scholar  (there is about a fee for this one). Do not open  or abutting with biographical actual on the author. Biographical  material is important as it influences the author’s autograph alone and  should not be a focus of your paper.   Guidelines for Arcane Essay Be  aware that you will be autograph about a novel, which in its broadest  sense is any continued fabulous anecdotal about consistently in prose, in  which the representation of appearance is about the focus. Acceptable authors  use the elements of fiction, such as plot, theme, ambience etc.  purposefully, with a actual bright ambition in mind. One of the paths to  literary assay is to ascertain what the author's purpose is with anniversary  of his choices. Avoid the botheration that abounding acceptance have, which is to  hold the erroneous acceptance that  simply call what happened in  detail is acceptable abundant (no, it is not). Artifice arbitrary is necessary, but  not the advised ambition in a arcane essay. Criteria: In accession to actuality accounting at academy level, your article charge accommodated the afterward criteria. Include an accession with a bright apriorism statement, anatomy paragraphs, and a conclusion.   Use at least three quotes from the book.   When  citing your sources, use MLA appearance for arcane essays. It is accessible  to accumulate your handbook accessible to the MLA tab as you write.   Minimum 850 words (more circuitous capacity ability crave more)   Language: This is a agreement chic -- your autograph and grammar count.   Use  specific acknowledging capacity from the book and at atomic two from alfresco  sources.Go to the Miami Dade Databases (not Google) for your sources. The afterward are not acceptable sources: Class Lecture Notes Textbooks Study Guides (SparkNotes, Cliff Notes, BookRags etc.) Wikipedia/ Encyclopedias Dictionaries Popular Magazines (People, Glamour etc.) Popular advice websites such as about.com or Ask.com Personal Blogs Why not? Because  for one, they are not aboriginal sources. Encyclopedias and textbooks are  useful to accommodate an overview or accession to a activity for complete  beginners. These are meant to get you started on a subject. They are not  research documents.Wikipedia:  Many  instructors forbid advertence to Wikipedia at all. Some advisers do  allow its use, and the use of encyclopedias in general, but don't do it.  It's about reliable for blockage accepted facts and acutely  specialized topics, but Wikipedia, absolutely all encyclopedias ache  from the botheration that they are not a primary sources. Wikipedia has the  added botheration that although it is alive on acclimation errors, it still  has anemic affection control. It is affected to advised sabotage,  vandalism, alike censorship.  So don't use it if you're not accustomed  enough with the accountable amount to atom biases or errors, and don't adduce  it in any bookish cardboard at all. Required Procedures:   Read Disgrace by  J. M. Coetzee in its absoluteness afore alpha your paper. Booty addendum  as you read. Mark some absorbing passages and save all-important antecedent  information (such as folio numbers) for your in-text affidavit and  your Works Cited list. Think  about the activity and access you chose amid in the Capacity and  Approaches page. Do not artlessly echo or abridge the story.       Write your complete thesis, activity sentences, acknowledging capacity almost afore beginning. Do  some research. It's important to apperceive a bit about ageism and  post-apartheid South Africa afore you activate the paper. Booty addendum and  save all-important antecedent advice for your Works Cited list.       Use at least two outside sources from bookish sites or journals. Look at sample affidavit to brace your anamnesis apropos the architecture in Rules for Writers, 8th edition.  Write a minimum 850-word (or added if necessary) for a acceptable arcane essay. Use  formal accent and the third person, alienated claimed anecdotes and  eliminating all references to yourself at all (I believe, in my opinion,  etc). Revise,  edit, and proofread, proofread, proofread. It's accessible to accomplish mistakes.  Correct them afore you abide your paper.You may additionally use any of the  writing labs and centers in any MDC campus, area a babysitter ability advice  you. There are some sites that advice you bolt grammar errors, such as  GrammarRater, but remember, they're not animal and don't apprehend for  content, so they absence things (often). Remember: While you accumulate your sources, accumulate your handbook accessible (or your online antecedent handy). There are too abounding capacity to bethink everything.

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