1. Accept one LGBTQ being of blush in the media (NOTE: this being ability analyze as LGBTQ in their claimed lives or they may characterize an LGBTQ being as a fabricated appearance on a TV appearance or movie). Call your acknowledgment to their character/persona, and affidavit why you accept this delineation is accessible or adverse to the LGBTQ association (or both). {300 words} 2. LGBT rights alter depending on the country and alike the accompaniment in which you alive in. Accept two countries OR accept two states. List and again call two areas in which LGBT rights alter in those two countries or those two states. Make abiding to explain why these differences are important. {300 words} Discussion Column Guidelines: (20%) LENGTH. Anniversary acknowledgment should be about 300 words in length. For example, if your Altercation 2 appointment requires you to acknowledgment 2 altercation questions, your access for that anniversary should be 600 words in breadth absolute (at atomic 300 words for anniversary of the 2 questions for that week) (40%) COMPREHENSION. Demonstrate an compassionate and appliance of the advance readings and any alternative alfresco account you may accept to use to acknowledgment the question. (20%) REFERENCES. You MUST adduce application at atomic 1 commendation per question: • All altercation postings are accepted to accommodate advice from at atomic one of the readings, chic materials, and/or from an alfresco empiric or acclaimed account source. You should adduce both aural the argument and accommodate a abounding advertence at the basal of your post. Powerpoint Presentation Discrimination, Violence, and Crime Articles Violence Transgender Women in Latin America (Links to an alien site.) Violence and the Transgender Community (Links to an alien site.) Global LGBT State-Sponsored Violence (Links to an alien site.) LGBT Domestic Violence (Links to an alien site.) Private Moment Made Public (Links to an alien site.) Murders of Transgender People on the Rise: (Links to an alien site.) Discrimination Transgender Discrimination Global Discrimination Against the LGBT Community (Links to an alien site.) LGBTQ Youth Mental Health Hate Crimes LGBT International Hate Crimes Hate Crimes and Violence Videos FSRN UN Report on Violence Against LGBT People Global Problem (Links to an alien site.) South Africa Rise in Violence Against Homosexuals (Links to an alien site.) Laverne Cox Interview w/Katie Couric (Links to an alien site.)

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