Q1)  Compare and adverse the afterward admission ascendancy models: Discretionary, role-based (both amount and hierarchical), rule-based, and binding admission controls.  Q2)   Users should not be accustomed to admission files and/or systems until they are appropriately articular and authenticated.  There are four accomplish that should be followed in the action of acceding access.  They accommodate Identification, Authentication, Authorization, and Accountability.  Please baddest two of these four accomplish and altercate them in detail. Q3)  What were the best important new things you abstruse this anniversary about the ambit and accent of EA? Please explain why. Please absolute your acknowledgment to 200 words.  Q4)  Relate SOA, WOA, Cloud Computing, and Security Architectonics to the TOGAF ADM, the EA3 Cube model, and alternative architectonics frameworks we accept studied. Based on the commodity "What is Service Oriented Architecture" (in the "Week 8 Materials" File beneath the "Files" Tab of Canvas), and citation some of this week's readings, call what an action artist needs to apperceive about SOA/WOA/Cloud Computing and Security Architecture, respectively, and again altercate SOA/WOA/Cloud Computing in ablaze of Security Architecture.   Q5)  Discuss how the TOGAF Architectonics Development Method (ADM) is acclimated as a adapt for EA Kanban. Accommodate altercation of (a) excess – tasks cat-and-mouse to be tackled, (b) tasks currently actuality formed on, and (c) tasks finished.   Q6)  Describe how at atomic one of the alternative frameworks we accept advised can abutment the use of EA Kanban. How can the Kanban access be activated to alternative aspects of authoritative transformation – i.e., in accession to EA? 

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