***DO NOT PUT IN ESSAY FORM, BUT YET AS ANSWERING TO EACH QUESTION BY THE NUMBER ASSIGNED TO IT.  (my activity story, I had three accouchement by the age of 22. affiliated to the ancestor of all my accouchement at age 23). my ancestor larboard my mother and 4 accouchement back I was 9. Discussion #1 We’ve covered a few actual important characteristics of acceptable autograph this week: How to address able sentences and paragraphs, alienated accepted errors, documenting your sources, and cerebration alarmingly as you write. Now, here’s a book that will acquiesce you to convenance what you’ve learned. For any writer, cogent one's activity adventure in three paragraphs can be a challenge, but an agitative one. Initial Column Requirements For this reflection, address an antecedent column composed of three sections: Your activity adventure in almost three abounding paragraphs. A reflection: What was arduous about autograph your activity adventure in three paragraphs? (one branch minimum) A Claimed Autograph Plan: With this appointment in mind, account some areas of accounting advice on which you'd like to focus in adjustment to become a bigger writer. Some areas for autograph advance accommodate (but are not bound to): grammar and punctuation sentence structure paragraph structure organizing thoughts using the best wording writing with clarity Discussion #2  This week, we're in the aboriginal stages of planning for our final essay. You may accept already called a topic. If you haven't, baddest a affair for our alignment article about which you are passionate. Click on the articulation beneath for a account of accustomed topics. https://content.learntoday.info/Learn/G124fw_Summer_15/site/Media/Persuasive_topics.docx Discussion #3  What are the distinctions amid professional, social, and claimed writing? Do you accept a altered access for each? Do you see yourself as able in one or two areas but defective assignment in another?  Discussion #4  This week's absorption coincides with the actuating article you will be finishing abutting week. So far, what has helped you advance your autograph in accepted and your actuating autograph in particular? 

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