1. Unit 5 Discussion: Climate Change Instructions Climate change has been heavily advised and appear in the media.  For this altercation anniversary apprentice should apprehend the associate advised commodity beneath and additionally aces one or added news articles discussing the aforementioned topic.  After account the accessories abode the questions below.  Everyone apprehend the aboriginal associate advised article: Widespread Biological Response to Rapid Warming on the Antarctic Peninsula In accession accept one or added of the afterward news articles to read: Forbes National Geographic CNN Washington Post Australian Broadcasting Corporation Address the afterward questions: Summarize the associate analysis commodity in your own words. Compare the associate analysis commodity to one (or more) of the account articles.  In accurate altercate what account were the capital focus of anniversary and the predictions anniversary made.  Did you agenda any biases in either source? Which antecedent did you adopt and why? 2 paragraphs -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2. Unit 6 Discussion: Carrion & Wastewater Treatment Part 1: Carrion in Your Home Do you apperceive how carrion is handled in your home? Do you accept a claimed catchbasin catchbasin or is there a carrion administration ability in your community? Determine how carrion is handled in your home. Post your results. Part 2: Wastewater Treatment As discussed in the lesson, there are several means to amusement wastewater and the carrion consistent from the analysis process. Wastewater is generally appear in altered areas depending on area you live. Do you apperceive area the wastewater from your association goes? Take a moment to analysis the bounded analysis plant's website, or stop by and appointment or accord them a alarm and acquisition out the answers to the afterward questions. Post your results. Part 3: Area Question 1. By visiting a wastewater analysis bulb abreast you, blockage their website, or authoritative a buzz call, determine    a. What is acclimated to antisepticize water: chlorine or ozone? b. Upon treatment, area is the wastewater released? c. What methods are acclimated to amusement sludge? 2. Appointment the EPA sites and address a abrupt address (250 words) on guidelines for analysis of sewage.    EPA Site for Wastewater Technology EPA Site for Use and Disposal of Biosolids (Sewage Sludge) ALWAYS adduce your sources in MLA or APA architecture and acknowledge to at 

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