Discussion Week 7

  Respond to this appointment in this week's Dialogue (Group Discussion) breadth in Blackboard: Are there alternative forms of the Degree System In South Asia, the degree arrangement divides association into a amusing hierarchy.  Traditionally, a being is built-in into a caste, which cannot be changed.  It affects about all aspects of circadian life. All animal groups accept acutely built-in concepts of about amusing status.  Consider the degree arrangement in South Asia as able-bodied as amusing adverse in your own society. Does the association you alive in accept annihilation that resembles the degree arrangement (think about race, gender, location, activity etc.)?  What are the accessible categories in your area? How is "caste" adumbrated (think about clothes, hairstyle, anatomy decorations, address of speaking, actual possessions, gender, religion, etc.)? What degree would you fit into? What affect does this degree accept on your accustomed living? Many South Asians accept adapted from Hinduism to alternative religions to escape this degree system.  Would you be accommodating to change your acceptance system? Faith Integration:  What are your thoughts as to how the Gospel addresses this affair of degree systems?

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