Discussion Week 10 6051

   Discussion: Impact of Ageism and Adultism SOCW 6051: Diversity, Human Rights, and Amusing Justice Anniversary 10 Adultism refers to the abuse of adolescent bodies by adults. The accepted adage "children should be apparent and not heard" is acclimated as a way to admonish a adolescent of his or her abode and acknowledge the adult's adeptness in the relationship. The adage suggests that children's choir are not as important or as accurate as an adult's and they should abide quiet. Accouchement are generally relegated to accessory positions due to socially complete behavior about what they can or cannot achieve or what they should or should not do; this in about-face compromises youth's self-determination. This abuse is added accent aback because the circle of age with race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, and animal orientation. You will be asked to accede all of these aback reviewing the Logan case and Parker case. By Day 3 Post an assay of the access of adultism in the Logan case. Then, explain how gender, race, class, and advantage collaborate with adultism to access the family's address accompanying to Eboni's abundance as able-bodied as alternative ancestors dynamics. Required Readings Plummer, S.-B., Makris, S., & Brocksen S. M. (Eds.). (2014). Sessions: Case histories. Baltimore, MD: Laureate International Universities Publishing. [Vital Source e-reader]. "The Parker Family” "The Logan Family” The Logan Family Eboni Logan is a 16-year-old biracial African American/Caucasian changeable in 11th grade. She is an ceremoniousness student, has been demography Advanced Placement courses, and runs track. Eboni affairs to go to academy and above in nursing. She is additionally alive in choir and is a affiliate of the National Honor Society and the apprentice council. For the aftermost 6 months, Eboni has been alive 10 hours a anniversary at a fast aliment restaurant. She afresh anesthetized her driver’s analysis and has accustomed her license. Eboni states that she believes in God, but she and her mother do not accord to any organized religion. Her ancestor attends a Catholic abbey consistently and takes Eboni with him on the weekends that she visits him. Eboni does not smoke and denies any approved booze or biologic usage. She does accept to occasionally bubbler aback she is at parties with her friends, but denies anytime actuality drunk. There is no bent history. She has had no above bloom problems. Eboni has been dating Darian for the accomplished 4 months. He is a 17-year-old African American male. According to Eboni, Darian is additionally on the clue aggregation and does able-bodied in school. He is a B apprentice and would like to go to college, possibly for article computer related. Darian works at a grocery abundance 10–15 hours a week. He is advantageous and has no bent issues. Darian additionally denies smoker or approved booze or biologic usage. He has been bashed a few times, but Eboni letters that he does not anticipate it is a problem. Eboni and Darian became sexually alive anon afterwards they started dating, and they were application abandonment for bearing control. Eboni’s mother, Darlene, is 34 years old and additionally biracial African American/Caucasian. She works as an authoritative abettor for a bounded accomplishment company. Eboni has lived with her mother and her affectionate grandmother, May, from the time she was born. May is a 55-year-old African American woman who works as a paraprofessional in an elementary school. They still alive in the aforementioned accommodation area May aloft Darlene. Darlene met Eboni’s father, Anthony, aback she was 17, the summer afore their chief year in aerial school. Anthony is 34 years old and Caucasian. They accidentally anachronous for about a month, and afterwards they bankrupt up, Darlene apparent she was abundant and autonomous to accumulate the baby. Although they never affiliated anniversary other, Anthony has been affiliated alert and afar once. He has four alternative accouchement in accession to Eboni. She visits her ancestor and stepmother every alternative weekend. Anthony works as a artisan and pays adolescent abutment to Darlene. Recently, Eboni took a abundance analysis and abstruse that she is 2 months pregnant. She absolutely did not apperceive she was abundant because her periods were not consistently constant and she anticipation she had aloof skipped a brace of months. Eboni anon told her best friend, Brandy, and again Darian about her pregnancy. He was abashed at aboriginal and appropriate that it adeptness be best to terminate. Darian has not told her absolutely to get an abortion, but he feels he cannot accommodate for her and the babyish as he would like and thinks they should delay to accept children. He eventually told her he would abutment her in any way he could, whatever she decides. Brandy encouraged Eboni to accommodated with the academy amusing worker. During our aboriginal meeting, Eboni told me that she had taken a abundance analysis the antecedent anniversary and it was positive. At that moment, the alone bodies who knew she was abundant were her best acquaintance and boyfriend. She had not told her parents and was not abiding how to acquaint them. She was actual afraid about what they would say to her. We talked about how she could acquaint them and discussed assorted responses she adeptness receive. Eboni agreed she would acquaint her parents over the weekend and see me the afterward Monday. During our affair I asked her if she acclimated contraception, and she told me that she acclimated the abandonment method. Eboni met with me that afterward Monday, as planned, and she was actual tearful. She had told her parents and grandmother over the weekend. Eboni aggregate that her mother and grandmother had become visibly agitated aback they abstruse of the pregnancy, and Darlene had yelled and alleged her a slut. Darlene told Eboni she capital her to accept a altered activity than she had had and told her she should accept an abortion. May cried and captivated Eboni in her accoutrements for a continued time. Aback Eboni told her father, he was abashed and aloof kept afraid his arch aback and forth, not adage a word. Again he told her that she had to accept this adolescent because aborticide was a sin. He offered to advice her and appropriate that she move in with him and her stepmother. Darlene did not allege to Eboni for the blow of the weekend. Her grandmother said she was scheduling an arrangement with the doctor to accomplish abiding she absolutely was pregnant. Eboni was afraid about activity to the doctor, so we discussed what the aboriginal arrangement usually entails. I approached the affair of choices and decisions if it was accepted that she was pregnant, and she said she had no abstraction what she would do. Two canicule later, Eboni came to see me with the after-effects of her doctor’s appointment. The doctor accepted the pregnancy, said her hormone levels were good, and placed her on prenatal vitamins. Eboni had had little morning affection and no apparent issues due to the pregnancy. Her grandmother went with her to the appointment, but her mother was still not speaking to her. Eboni was actual agitated about the bearings with her mother. At one point she commented that parents are declared to abutment their kids aback they are in agitation and that she would never amusement her babe the way her mother was alleviative her. I offered to accommodated with Eboni and her mother to altercate the situation. Although apprehensive, Eboni gave me permission to alarm her mother and set up an appointment. The Logan Family May Logan: mother of Darlene, 55 Darlene Logan: mother, 34 Anthony Jennings: father, 34 Eboni Logan: daughter, 16 Darian: Eboni’s boyfriend, 17 I larboard a bulletin for Darlene to acquaintance me about scheduling a meeting. She alleged aback and agreed to accommodated with Eboni and me. Aback I abreast Eboni of the appointed meeting, she thanked me. She told me that she was activity to absorb the accessible weekend with her father, and that she was afraid about how it would go. Aback I approached the affair of a accommodation about the pregnancy, she declared that she was not assertive but was aptitude in one direction, which she did not allotment with me. I appropriate we get calm afore the affair with her mother to altercate the weekend with her father. At our abutting session, Eboni said she anticipation she knew what to do but afterwards spending the weekend with her ancestor was still confused. Eboni said her ancestor went on at breadth about how God gives life, and that if she had an abortion, she would go to hell. Eboni was actual scared. Anthony had taken her to abbey and told the priest that Eboni was abundant and asked him to adjure for her. Eboni said this fabricated her feel uncomfortable. When I met with Eboni and her mother, Darlene aggregate her thoughts about Eboni’s abundance and her acceptance that she should accept an abortion. She said she knows how adamantine it is to be a distinct mother and does not appetite this for Eboni. She believes that because Eboni is so young, she should do as she says. Eboni was actual quiet during the session, and aback asked what she thought, said she did not know. At the end of the session, annihilation was bound amid Eboni and her mother. When I met with Eboni the abutting day to action the session, she said that aback they got home, she and her mother talked after any yelling. Her mother told Eboni she admired her and capital what was best for her. May said she would abutment Eboni no amount what she absitively and would advice her if she kept the baby. Eboni was anxious because she anticipation she was alpha to attending abundant and her morning affection had gotten worse. I addressed her all-embracing health, and she said that she capital to beddy-bye all the time, and that aback she was not nauseated, all she did was eat. Eboni is demography her prenatal vitamins in case she decides to accept the baby. Alone a brace of her accompany apperceive about the pregnancy, and they had altered thoughts on what they anticipation she should do. One acquaintance alike bought her a onesie. In addition, Eboni was anxious that her grades were actuality afflicted by the situation, possibly affecting her adeptness to appear college. She was additionally afraid about how a abundance or babyish would affect her affairs of accepting a clue scholarship. In acknowledgment to her abounding concerns, I accomplished her on stress-reduction methods. Eboni asked me what I anticipation she should do, and I told her it was her accommodation to accomplish for herself and that she should not let others acquaint her what to do. However, I additionally declared that it was important for her to apperceive all the options. We discussed at breadth what it would beggarly for her to accumulate the babyish against absolute the pregnancy. I mentioned acceptance and the achievability of an accessible adoption, but Eboni said she was not abiding she could accept a babyish and again accord it away. We discussed the pros and cons of adoption, and she declared she was alike added confused. I reminded her that she did not accept abundant time to accomplish her accommodation if she was activity to terminate. She said she capital a few canicule to absolutely accede all her options. Eboni appointed a time to accommodated with me. Aback she entered my office, she told me she had had a continued allocution with her mother and grandmother the night afore about what she was activity to do. She had additionally alleged her ancestor and Darian and told them what she had decided. Eboni told me she knows she has fabricated the appropriate decision.

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