Discussion: Using Storytelling to Effectively Communicate Data Tutorial | Aims Of Data Visualization.

This  week we watched a abbreviate video on how storytelling and the aims of abstracts  visualization go duke in hand. The narrator of the video discusses the  aims of abstracts visualization. The narrator states that the aims of abstracts  visualization is to, “Maximize how bound and accurately bodies break  information from graphics.” The narrator additionally talks about some  shortcomings (disadvantage) of the techniques acclimated to actualize abstracts  visualization for storytelling. Select and altercate one of the mentioned  shortcomings.  Include an archetype of the shortcoming you accept called  to discuss.  Include a advancement to abode the shortcoming based on  what we accept abstruse in this course.  Include how this advancement could  assist with advantageous your called shortcoming. The acknowledgment charge be  your own diction and charge be from actual we accept covered in this chic  only. Reference:   O'Reilly (2015, July 14). Using Storytelling to Effectively Communicate  Data Tutorial | Aims Of Abstracts Visualization. Retrieved from  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3JWK5gRI9p0 

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