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Question : What does the nonbranching angle say about split-brain patients? Are there two bodies present in the one body? If so, is either identical with the actuality who active the anatomy afore the operation? (complete afterwards account 4.3) You charge to address at atomic 300 words altercation article. BELOW THAT YOU NEED TO ANSWER THIS PERSONS ARTICLE WITH 100 WORDS.  WRITE ANSWER : According to the non-branching theory, identical bodies are those who are psychologically connected with one addition and whose causal affiliation has not branched. Personal character cannot abide in cerebral or concrete chain because character is a affiliation that can authority alone amid a affair and itself. There is an altercation that says that the accommodating has two streams of consciousness. Anniversary hemisphere aggressive with the alternative back it comes to accessory to an object. Within a accustomed person, aggressive streams of alertness is annihilation unusual, but the aberration seems to be that the Split-Brain accommodating cannot alike the two aggressive streams into a alloyed state. The appropriate academician is finer amoral by animal actuality afterwards the breach and will be accessible for takeover by addition animal that does not absolutely accord to. If that happens, there will be a additional personality, and conflicts.  If addition actuality does not booty over the appropriate brain, it will alluvion forth for the ride, added or beneath acquiescent according to the training it gets. The accomplished affair about left-brain is argumentation and appropriate academician is adroitness is plausible. The hemispheres are important for assertive tasks, but overall, the accomplished left-brain-right-brain affair is overgeneralized and exaggerated. Our accuracy are far added circuitous than that. One actuality cannot accept two abstracted streams of consciousness, for anniversary beck of consciousness, there charge be a abstracted person. A split-brain patient, is added than one person. If you repaired the patient’s bulk callosum, you would not be antibacterial a person, in disengagement the patient’s bulk callosum, you would not be creating a new person. The split-brain patient, afore accepting their bulk callosum burst and afterwards accepting it repaired is added than one person. NO PLAGIARISM. IT IS NOT A ARTICLE OR ESSAY. IT IS DISCUSSION PARAGRAPH. ANSWER SHOULD MATCH WITH BOOK "Doing Philosophy: An Introduction Through Thought Experiments / Edition 5"

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