Discussion: Systems Perspective and Social Change

  Zastrow and Kirst-Ashman (2016) stated, "Clients are afflicted by and in connected activating interactions with alternative systems, including families, groups, organizations, and communities" (p. 35-36). As a amusing worker, aback you abode the needs of an alone client, you additionally booty into annual the systems with which the applicant interacts. Obtaining advice about these systems helps you bigger appraise your client's situation. These systems may accommodate abutment to the client, or they may accord to the client's presenting problem. For this Discussion, analysis "Working With People With Disabilities: The Case of Lester."Consider the systems with which Lester Johnson, the client, interacts. Think about agency you ability administer a systems angle to his case. Also, accede the acceptation of the systems angle for amusing assignment in general. By Day 3 Post a Discussion in which you explain how assorted systems collaborate to appulse individuals. Explain how you, as a amusing worker, ability administer a systems angle to your assignment with Lester Johnson. Finally, explain how you ability administer a systems angle to amusing assignment practice. Case of  Lester Johnson   Working With Clients With Disabilities: The Case of Lester Lester is a 59-year-old, African American widower with two developed children. He lives in a medium-sized Midwestern city. Four months ago, he was a disciplinarian in a assorted agent blast while visiting his babe in addition burghal and was afflicted in the accident, although he was not at fault. Prior to the blow he was an electrician and lived on his own in a single-family home. He was an alive affiliate in his abbey and a adoration leader. He has a admiring brother and sister-in-law who additionally alive nearby. Both of his accouchement accept larboard the ancestors home, and his son is affiliated and lives in a adjacent ample city area. When he was accepted to the hospital, Lester’s CT showed some intracerebral hemorrhaging, and the aftereffect scans showed a abatement in bleeding but some midline shift. He seemed to accept alone bound acknowledgment of his hospitalization. Aback his accouchement came to visit, he smiled and verbalized in abbreviate words but could not acquaint in sentences; he winced and moaned to announce aback he was in pain. He had problems with antithesis and could not angle apart nor airing afterwards assistance. Past medical history includes blazon 2 diabetes; animated claret pressure; a continued history of smoking, with some emphysema; and a 30-day centralized analysis for affair alcoholism 6 years ago afterward his wife’s continued affliction with breast blight and her consecutive death. One ages ago he was absolved from the hospital to a rehabilitation facility, and at his aftermost medical analysis it was estimated he will charge an added 2 months’ minimum analysis and aftereffect therapies in the facility. As the amusing artisan at the adjust center, I conducted a psychosocial appraisal afterwards his acceptance to rehabilitation. At the time of the assessment, Lester was abrupt and was buried for self-harm, which was accounted low risk. He did not accept acumen into the admeasurement of his abrasion or changes consistent from the blow but was balked and cried aback he could not dispense his hands. Lester’s accouchement accordingly authority ability of advocate (POA), but had not bidding any absorption to date in his cachet or care. His brother is his aggregate accommodation authoritative (SDM) proxy, but his sister-in-law seemed to be the best actively complex in planning for his aftereffect care. His son and babe alleged but had not visited, but his sister-in-law had visited him about daily; praying with him at the bedside; and managing his domiciliary financials, mail, and abode aegis during this period. His brother kept allurement aback Lester would be aback to “normal” and able to administer on his own and was acquisitive to booty him out of the rehabilitation center. Lester seemed depressed, showed some collapsed affect, did not display adequacy or appearance absorption in accommodation making, and bare advancing advice from his POA and SDM. His medical cast for abounding accretion charcoal limited, with his Glasgow Coma Scale at beneath than 9, which agency his abrasion is categorized as catastrophic. Lester currently has bound advancement and is continent, but he is not yet able to self-feed and cannot self-care for cleanliness; he currently needs abetment washing, shaving, charwoman his teeth, and dressing. He continues with circadian anatomic analysis (OT) and concrete analysis (PT) sessions. He will additionally charge acknowledged abetment to administer for his able affiliation alimony and allowances and accessible abiding disability. He will additionally charge advice anecdotic casework for OT and PT afterwards discharge. He will charge abetment from ancestors associates as the assurance is fabricated whether he can acknowledgment to his abode with abutment or seek apartment in a abiding affliction facility. He will charge abiding association affliction on acquittal to advice with basal affairs of bathrobe and agriculture and self-care if he is not in a residential affliction setting. A ancestors appointment is adumbrated to analysis Lester’s accepted cachet and concise goals and to accomplish affairs for discharge.

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