Discussion/response survey mathematics

please login in at https://campus.purdueglobal.edu/ login:LeshaelaWilliams Damarcio1030 assignment:  Linear equations acquiesce us to use algebraic to archetypal the absolute world. Beeline equations can be acclimated to actuate the auction amount of a sweater on clearance, the amount of a auto ride, how abounding yards of actual you charge to accomplish a banderole for the football team, or how abounding plants to buy to bound a walkway. On the Assemblage 3 Discussion Board, we will use what we apperceive about beeline equations to adapt for a bacon negotiation. Congratulations! You got the call. You are the newest sales rep for Vandelay Industries. You accept an arrangement with your administrator abutting anniversary to accommodate your pay package. Thanks to the Assemblage 3 Discussion Board, YOU are activity to be prepared! Post 1 For Pay Amalgamation One, you will be paid a account bacon and a allotment of your sales. To actuate your pay, use the equation, P = w + rs, area P is your pay, w is your account salary, r is the agency amount (written as a decimal) you acquire on sales, and s is your sales for the week. Choose a account salary, w, amid $200 and $500. Choose a agency rate, r, amid 2% and 10%. Choose sales amid $10,000 and $100,000. Calculate your pay for Pay Amalgamation One authoritative abiding to appearance the aboriginal blueprint and all accomplish to break the equation. Review an example of a acknowledgment for this Discussion. RESPONSE PATRICIA:  W= 400 R= 8% = 0.08 S= 70,000 P = W + RS  P = 400 + 0.08(70,000) P = 400 + 5,600 P = $6,000 The Pay for Pay Amalgamation One is $6,000 Post 2 Help out one of your classmates by assuming what will appear if a lower account salary, but a college agency amount is used. Accept one of your classmate’s posts and acclimatize their abstracts as follows. Cut the account salary, w, in half. Add 4% to the agency rate, r Keep the sales, s, the same. Call this Pay Amalgamation Two. Repeat the adding from your classmate's column with the adapted account bacon and agency rate. Appearance the blueprint and all accomplish to break the equation. Review an example of a acknowledgment for this Discussion. RESPONSE BARBRA:   w = 400 r = 6%=0.06 s = 20,000 P= w + r, s P= 400 + 0.06 (20,000) P= 400 + 1,200 P= 1,600 The pay for Pay Amalgamation One is $1,600.00 Thanks my friends, Post 3 You are aggravating to adjudge which pay amalgamation is best. One way to analyze the two bales is to see how abundant Vandelay Industries’ newest aggregation affiliate charge advertise for the pay from the two bales to be equal. Set the equations from Pay Amalgamation One and Pay Amalgamation Two according to anniversary alternative and break for s, sales for the week. Appearance the blueprint and all work. In your opinion, which amalgamation would be the best accord for you? Why? Review an example of a acknowledgment for this Discussion. RESPONSE DAILIA:  Package One=Package Two       500+0.08s=250+0.8s           500=250+0.08s           250=0.08s            S=4,800 In my assessment I would accept amalgamation one because the bacon is higher.  Discussion Guidelines In this unit’s Discussion, you will collaborate with your classmates on the beforehand content. Remember, your ambition for Discussion Assignments is to ensure that: Responses are on topic, original, and accord to the affection of the Discussion. Responses accomplish frequent, abreast references to assemblage material. Responses are acutely written. You abide two or added Discussion Board responses to classmates as declared in the Discussion Question that are anxious and beforehand the Discussion. Keep in apperception that back you post, you should accommodate references to the arbiter and any actual begin online. The chic is all about administration knowledge, so use Discussions as a way of creating a association ability for yourself and your classmates. PLEASE FOLLOW FULL DIRECTIONS FOR FULL PAYMENTS THANK YOU!!

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