DISCUSSION QUESTIONS Due 8 Hours. Both Reading Attached.

  Guidelines for Writing DISCUSSION QUESTIONS (Adapted from Bucker, 2015) General Information  Throughout the semester, you will be asked to apprehend a alternation of bookish accessories and capacity (posted in Canvas) that focus on capacity pertinent to your above analysis project. This advertisement describes your Altercation Catechism appointment for anniversary of these assigned readings.  · There are four altercation sessions during the semester. You will address two altercation questions per session. If there is one assigned account per session, again both of your DQs will appear from this reading. If there are two assigned readings per session, again you should address one DQ per reading.  · On February 8, there are two altercation sessions. This agency that you address 4 DQs absolute for this chic period, 2 for anniversary altercation session.  · Questions charge be submitted to Canvas by chic time on the day that the accordant articles/chapters are to be discussed. If you accept to absence chic on the day of the discussion, you can abide your DQs afore chic and accept fractional acclaim for the assignment.  · As you apprehend anniversary article/chapter, booty notes. Underline important credibility and jot bottomward account or questions that appear to apperception while account it; this will advice you address altercation questions added easily.  · Altercation questions should neither be too specific (“What does the fourth chat on p. 27 mean?”) nor too accepted (“Was this a acceptable article? Why or why not?”). Try to bang a antithesis amid the specific and general. Try to ask absorbing questions that accomplish access to alternative areas of abstraction and alternative realms of life—what you saw on the news, apprehend in the cardboard or a magazine, etc.  · Be abiding to point the clairvoyant to the specific agreeable of the commodity that your catechism addresses.  · Abstain questions with “yes/no” or “either/or” answers; acceptable altercation questions are open-ended. Also abstain arch questions. See beneath for examples of acceptable altercation questions.  · Go for controversy! Try to affectation questions that would calmly appoint the chic in discussion.  · When it is your about-face to advance chic altercation during one of the sessions, you charge still about-face in typed altercation questions on the sources, but these may be the aforementioned questions you acclimated to activate chic altercation during your presentation. Remember that you do the altercation arch in groups, so be abiding that you about-face in two altercation questions per altercation leader.  Example Altercation Questions  1. What abrogating after-effects could aftereffect if parents followed Bem’s advancement to accession androgynous boys and girls? How ability aeon acknowledge to boys with stereotypically feminine characteristics and girls with stereotypically adult characteristics? What are the absolute after-effects of adopting androgynous boys and girls? Where does one draw the band amid a advantageous de-emphasis on gender and a advantageous acceptance of gender in adopting children?  2. Josephs, Markus, and Tafarodi altercate that analogue (distinguishing the cocky from others on the base of talents or accomplishments) does not serve as a cogent antecedent of admire for American women (because of gender-role socialization). How accurately does their altercation call women in the U.S.? Explain your response. How do women in the U.S. compare, in agreement of how appropriate they are, to men and women in Asian cultures? How does the burden that women feel in our association to be appropriately “feminine” collaborate with the appropriate norms that all Americans experience? 

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