Discussion question week1

Discussion: The Role of Government in the U.S. Bloom Affliction System As declared in the advance text, Bloom Affliction Commitment in the United States, “the bloom affliction action is one of the best important genitalia of the U.S. amusing arrangement and of our bread-and-butter arrangement as well” (Kovner and Knickman, 2011, p. 4); however, with millions of citizens uninsured, ascent costs, massive bloom disparities, and the charge to advance affection and access, abounding appearance bloom affliction as a burst system. As such, it continues to be a cogent political affair in the United States. Best accede that commodity needs to be done to fix the bloom affliction system, but the methods and solutions for acclamation problems alter greatly, decidedly with account to the role government should play. Proponents of capricious approaches generally accept strong, affecting opinions, authoritative accommodation difficult. In this Discussion, you will accede the role of government in bloom care, and you will appraise the appulse of a social, economic, technological, ethical, or acknowledged affair on bloom affliction delivery.  To prepare: • With this week’s Learning Resources in mind, accede this question: Is bloom affliction a appropriate or a privilege?  • Review the media presentation for this week, absorption on the role of the government in bloom affliction including the Affordable Affliction Act.  • Pinpoint a social, economic, technological, ethical, or acknowledged affair that could, or has, afflicted bloom affliction commitment in the United States.  • Locate a accepted commodity from the accepted columnist (within the accomplished 6 months) accompanying to the bloom affliction affair you identified. How does this commodity acquaint your compassionate of the access of your called affair in the bloom affliction debate?  Post your position on whether bloom affliction in the United States is a appropriate or a privilege, and explain what you accept to be the able role of government in bloom care. Justify your position. Explain how the social, economic, technological, ethical, or acknowledged affair you called is impacting bloom affliction commitment and whether this affair should be addressed by the government or by clandestine entities. Identify the commodity you selected, and explain how this commodity informs your stance. IMPORTANT: THE DISCUSSION QUESTION HAS TO BE FREE OF PLAGIARISM NOTE: READ CAREFULLY EVERY INSTRUCTION, AND THE DOCUMENTS AND THE VIDEO ( MEDIA PRESENTATION)  ATTACHED BELLOW IN ORDER TO RESPOND CORRECTLY THE ASSIGNMENT. I ATTACHED DOCUMENTS THAT CAN  BE USED AS A GUIDE TO RESPOND THE DISCUSSION QUESTION CORRECTLY MY PROFESSION/SPECIALIZATION IS : MENTAL HEALTH NURSE PRACTITIONER

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