Discussion question

William keeps a ample Bible on his board at assignment and consistently wears a ample argent cantankerous about his neck. At times William will use biblical quotations to abutment his comments and assertions that his observations are actual in conversations with his co-workers.  Additionally, he usually tells bodies to accept a “Blessed Day.” Joe, one of William’s co-workers, has started apropos to him as “Saint Willy.” This has gotten a lot of action about the aggregation office. William has confronted Joe about this and asked him to stop. Joe’s acknowledgment was “Can’t you booty a joke?” Joe not alone has not chock-full apropos to William as “Saint Willy,” but he has encouraged others to do so.              What accessible issues/concerns ability this book raise? How could this bearings become a abuse of the law, the “Code” or alternative academy /district policies? In this situation, what are some potentially abrogating after-effects for the teacher, for the students, and the academy community? What responses/actions will aftereffect in a added absolute aftereffect and/or what proactive measures ability be considered?

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