Discussion Question 1

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Discussion Question 1JT is a fifty-five-year-old man with a three-day history of deepening conciseness of breath, fever, chills, right-sided chest pain, and advantageous cough. He states that the antecedent affection started about one anniversary ago. He has been demography over-the-counter (OTC) medications to ascendancy the agitation and the cough. He comes in today because he feels that he is accepting worse. He is coughing up rust-colored mucus, and the chest affliction has started to accomplish animation alike added difficult. His concrete assay is normal, with the barring of tachypnea, affected breathing, base rhonchi through the appropriate lung field, and decreased animation sounds on the right. Answer the afterward questions:What added class or radiological tests would be adumbrated and why? What would you apprehend to find?What is your diagnosis?What medication would be accustomed and for what aeon of time?Discussion Question 2LN is a twenty-six-year-old affiliated woman who presents at the dispensary with affection of dysuria, frequency, and urgency. Further history yields two canicule of these affection but no fever, chills, or abut pain. She describes a afire ache during and anon afterward urination and activity the charge to abandoned every bisected hour. There is no vaginal discharge, itching, or odor. She is not application bearing ascendancy at this time. She requests “a urine ability and some sulfa pills.” When asked to explain, she says she has had abounding “bladder infections” over the accomplished three years and “sulfa pills usually work.” She was evaluated about bristles years ago with an IV pyelography and cystogram, and “nothing was wrong.” All her basic signs are normal. Answer the afterward questions:What added advice would you like to collect?What is your alive diagnosis?What are the accidental factors to this abeyant diagnosis?What analysis would you apparatus and why?What blazon of aftereffect would you recommend?

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