Discussion Post Required With 2 Responses – Urgent A+ Work Required. 24 Hours

Title: Accent Acquisition Thread: Second-language accretion theories await heavily on aboriginal accent accretion theories, primarily on analysis conducted at MIT with Noam Chomsky. His analysis on abundant transformational grammar and accustomed grammar are now broadly accustomed as the primary approach for accent acquisition. Select one of the afterward questions about Accent Accretion and additional Accent Accretion and accommodate an in abyss multi-paragraph response. Finally, responded to at atomic two of your peers’ comments. Question 1. One affair that advisers apparent back assessing students’ accent abilities was the charge for a linguistic ambiance affluent in structured developed input. What can or should parents do in adjustment to ensure that such environments exist? What signs ability a abecedary apprehension that indicates a abridgement of affluent input? What can agents do to animate parents to accommodate a linguistically affluent ascribe environment Question 2. Fromkin, Rodman, and Hyams declared several SLA theories comparing how accouchement apprentice a aboriginal accent and how adults apprentice a additional language. Which appearance do you authority apropos who is the above accent learner? Question 3. Much analysis describes how accouchement apprentice accent and the abounding facets and stages that accouchement go through as they advance against accent mastery. What has this affiliate accomplished you that you will be able to agent in your profession? Replies: Respond to at atomic two of your peers’ comments with a affluent and accordant response.   I will column the Responses to be done afterwards I accept uploaded the capital POST. however, I will accomplish the acquittal for Both Upfront. I will charge the Acknowledgment to be beatific as anon as I column the 2 RESPONSE POSTS. Main Posts are accepted to be at atomic 550 words of Content and Responses at atomic 200-250 Words anniversary with at atomic 2 paragraphs for anniversary Response

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