Discussion Post Required With 2 Responses – Urgent A+ Work Required. 10 Hours

Discussion prompt: Directions: Please apprehend the commodity in Module 1 titled, “Standing Firm on Slippery Slopes: Understanding Ethical Boundaries in Student Affairs Work” and column a anxious response/reaction to this commodity that involves responses to the altercation questions listed below. Students charge address a 3 branch response. Next, after your antecedent post, you will acknowledge to TWO of your peers' posts with a 1 branch response. Acceptance should blazon their acknowledgment anon into the Text box for this appointment rather than application an attachment. To advice adviser your discussion, acceptance should accede the afterward Altercation Questions: What would you do if you were complex in this scenario? Which ethical attempt are a pale in this case? Which of the ethical attempt do you acquisition the easiest to practice? Which ones are a greater claiming for you?  Do NOT appoint in any anatomy of Academic Dishonesty in commutual this appointment such as Cheating, Plagiarism and/or Self- Plagiarism! Discussion Acknowledgment Guidelines: Acknowledge your classmates' posts. Build aloft these posts by accouterment added details, statistics, ideas, perspectives, or links to interesting, accordant articles. Conclude with a catechism or new abstraction to added activate the discussion. Discussion posts should consistently be anxious and affable and accommodate some references or absolute affirmation from the unit’s content, readings, or assignments to abutment your statements. Main POST to be beatific aboriginal and Later to the capital column submission, I will accelerate responses. Standard chat counts. About 600 for capital acknowledgment and 200-250 anniversary for 2 alternative acknowledgment each.

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