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This altercation on antithesis approach should advice you actuate which blazon of affirmation you should abode for your final assignment, or the Argument Research Project. The Argument Research Project will be alien after in this module. Your affair is the one you wrote about in your annotated bibliography. Imagine that you altercate an affair aural your affair with addition who disagrees with your point of view. Consider at which akin of the antithesis approach you ahead that you would ability stasis, or the abode area the acceding stops. To do this, ask yourself the afterward questions Who is your audience? Be as specific as possible. Ask a catechism of actuality about your issue. Does it exist? Is it real? Would your admirers accede or disagree with your answers to these questions? Ask a catechism of analogue about your issue. How would you ascertain the issue/problem? Would your admirers accede or disagree with your answer? Ask an evaluative catechism about your issue. Is it acceptable or bad? How serious? Would your admirers accede or disagree with your answer? Finally, ask a catechism of policy. What action, if any, should be taken apropos your issue/problem? What needs to appear to abode it? Would your admirers accede or disagree with your answers? Discussion Prompts Identify the akin of antithesis (where you disagree with your advised audience) and your audience. Actualize a affirmation that avalanche beneath that category For example, if your admirers would accede with your answers to the catechism of actuality but disagree with your answers to the catechism of definition, you would abode a analogue claim. In your responses to others, actuate whether the affirmation avalanche beneath the adapted category. For example, if your acquaintance is aggravating to actualize a affirmation of evaluation, their affirmation in the altercation is one of policy, suggesting how they ability alter it. Also, accord acknowledgment on whether you accede with your classmates on the akin of antithesis for their advised audience. Why or why not?    The called affair is “The implications of understaffing in nursing.” The American Nursing Association (ANA) lists understaffing as one of the capital challenges that accept impeded affection accommodating affliction in nursing. According to ANA, able staffing ratios are anon affiliated to accommodating assurance while bereft staffing relates to poor accommodating outcomes such as accommodating afterlife and diffuse hospital stays. Bereft staffing is additionally affiliated to poor outcomes for nurses. 

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