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  Discussion - Working to Advance Teaching and Learning After commutual this week's readings, analysis the "Reflective Exercise" at the end of Chapter 1. We all apperceive that the about-face from hierarchical administration to one of added collegiality is boring evolving. We accept had discussions in this affairs about the accent of abecedary leadership, and there will be added as we abide to abstraction the abounding facets of academy controlling leadership. However, we additionally apperceive that high-stakes testing is still at the beginning and can adumbrate what we absolutely appetite to see in our continuing efforts to breeding abecedary leadership. There is a Reflective Exercise at the end of Chapter 1 that illustrates this abstraction actual well. As a principal, how will you abode your superintendent's apropos as declared in this exercise? How will you assignment with the agents in your architecture abutting year to advance teaching and learning?  Your antecedent acknowledgment is due by 11:55 p.m. Eastern Time on Tuesday  and should be amid 200-250 words. The antecedent announcement should be a account of your point of appearance on the question, accurate by the appropriate readings

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