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  Week 6 Altercation - Vulnerability Prioritizing Vulnerability Prioritizing Hello Class! Amuse acknowledge to BOTH of the afterward questions: Question A If you were accustomed a set of vulnerabilities how would you accent remediating them? Question B Each week, analysis a different account adventure or commodity accompanying to Information Security/Information Technology. Post a arbitrary of what you abstruse to the altercation thread, amuse additionally accommodate a articulation to the aboriginal article. Antecedent is your choice; about amuse absolutely adduce your source.   Week 6 Assignment - Adaptable Aegis Issues While we as aegis practitioners accept been alive feverishly over the aftermost 10 years to defended our acceptable endpoints, our users accept become beneath invested in their no-fun aggregation laptop, and added alert with their acute buzz or tablet. With the aggregation laptop, you won the difficult action of deploying adapted controls: whole-disk encryption, abstracts arising prevention, accumulation policy–controlled everything. When you weren't looking, users started alive on their alternative accessories added and more; then, one acute day, your gadget-happy controlling abounding a big affair with an iPad to booty addendum and a new action began. It was aloof a amount of time afore bodies started talking about abstracts breaches with caught acute phones and tablets. This weeks account mentioned assorted types of adaptable attacks. In your own words accompaniment what types of attacks exists and the adjustment of access you would advance to abode the advance in an action setting.  Amuse accompaniment your acknowledgment in a 1-2 folio cardboard in APA format. Include citations and sources in APA style.

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