discussion post – Accounts,Social Media Advantages,Capacity and Planning Strategies and Inventory Management

 NEED TO ANSWER ALL FOUR DISCUSSION QUESTIONS...also specify which acknowledgment goes to which altercation question  question 1 When a actuality has a Facebook account, there is a lot of advice that goes into creating, maintaining, and afterlight that account. Discuss what Facebook absolutely does with all of that user advice and how they use it as a business tool. Then analyze that with alternative amusing media sites, such as Twitter, Yelp, Instagram, and Pinterest. How is that advice actuality curated and acclimated to account the amusing media aggregation and its partners? question 2 Companies like carwashes, pet grooming, and aliment trucks acclimated to abide after any blazon of abstruse presence. But now, they can acquaint on amusing media for a baby bulk of money - or alike for free. From a sale-oriented point of view, amusing media offers advantages to both parties in a business-consumer relationship. What are those advantages and does either affair account added than the other? Why? Are there any disadvantages? question 3  What are the accommodation and planning implications of a cine theater? Why does a amphitheater appearance a blur several times a day, but frequently to baby audiences who do not ample the theater? Should the theater's accommodation and planning strategies be re-evaluated?  question 4  How do you administer your own claimed account of assorted supplies? Do you banal up or delay until you run out of article afore you alter it? Why? Be abiding to use operational administration terminology. 

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