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Submit a blog/post to acknowledge to the questions below. Incorporate the appropriate account in your blog/post. Use examples from added readings to abutment your argument. Use contempo abstracts and examples to abutment your argument. “The arch force of attributes is the backbone of the animal spirit.” Force of Attributes Aid Foundation. The address critiques the angle of animation as an endpoint, and suggests that resiliency are credibility or milestones on a adventure to accomplishing transformative capacities in accretion from the shock of wars, civilian strife, and disasters. Animation is a action that aims to advance well-being. Question: In this ambience of vulnerability and disaster, how would you anticipate animation of an individual, group, or community? Is animation an accessible achievability or an abstruse notion? Required reading: World Disasters Address Resilience: extenuative lives today, advance for tomorrow. 2016. Chapter 1. Making the case for resilience. Scandlyn. J., Simon, N., Thomas, D. and Brett, J. 2010. Theoretical framing of worldviews, values, and structural ambit of disasters. In Phillips, B., Thomas, D., Fothergill, A. snd Blinn-Pike, L. (eds). Social Vulnerability to Disasters. Florida: CRC Press. Format - 150 words and above

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