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   This final appointment deals with the final affair any computer forensics examiner, or any alternative attestant to an accident will face - testifying beneath adjuration to what you know. Each actuality who testifies is a attestant and as we discussed several weeks ago will present affidavit evidence. As an able witness, which is how a computer argumentative examiner will be about be presented, you are not accouterment eye-witness affidavit to a crime, but are testifying about what you as an able begin or did not acquisition during your collection, preservation, and assay of concrete evidence. When you affirm on account of the government (normally this would be a prosecutor or commune attorney), or could be the aegis counsel, you will aboriginal affirm on absolute assay - that agency the advocate who alleged you to the angle has to lay assertive background to get your affidavit about your assay of the affirmation afore the board as an able (known as Voir Dire). Once the basic questions accept been asked and answered, the advocate administration the absolute assay will again about-face over assay to the defense. This is generally done afore you are accustomed to acknowledgment questions about the absolute affirmation or case afore the court. The acumen this is done in this amount is that you are aboriginal actuality presented to the cloister as an able in some field. The opposing admonition gets to catechize you (Voir Dire) to try to defeat your actuality called as an expert. In cases area you accept already been bent to be an able by the cloister on antecedent occasions and testimony, there is beneath of a adventitious the opposing admonition will be acknowledged in abrasive your affidavit acceptable as an expert. But, for a new examiner, the aboriginal brace of times afore the cloister will be added ambitious as to your expertise. After both abandon had a adventitious to catechism your cartilage fides as an expert, the admonition adulatory you to be accustomed will accomplish a motion that you be accustomed as an expert. Once that is complete, you will be asked about the amount at hand, and will affirm to your collection, preservation, and assay of concrete evidence. This is additionally area the opposing admonition will be abnormally active for any weakness or contradictions in your testimony. 1. What are some questions you anticipate that you would be asked initially on absolute assay actuality able to affirm as an expert? 2. What affectionate of questions do you anticipate the opposing admonition during Voir Dire will ask you? Remember on cantankerous examination, opposing admonition can ask arch questions to claiming your expertise. 3. Describe why it is important, and how you would affirm to absolute any contradictions? Discussion column requirements: · No anon quoted actual may be acclimated in this altercation post. · Resources should be abbreviated or paraphrased with adapted in-text and Resource folio citations.

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