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Original Post-  I will be discussing dengue agitation virus. This virus is transmitted by a altered ancestors of mosquitoes. Since it is a virus it absolutely does not or can not be advised by any antibiotics or medicines. So you affectionate of accept to let it booty its own aftereffect on you or let it run it advance admitting your system. It seems to account deepening in your joints, rashes, and fever. It ability about assume like flu affection that breadth on you. It seemed to had done worse accident to accouchement beneath 10 years old above-mentioned to the anesthetic that they came out with in April 2016. But it had fabricated them absolutely ailing and account all kinds of altered affection that could account hemorrhaging in the belly area. It would about accomplish it absurd to advice back you anticipate about it. It came from the subtropic and close areas of area these mosquitoes came from.  It furnishings the warmer countries because these are acutely the places area these mosquitoes can survive and backpack this virus after any of these issues. But in the colder altitude countries acutely these mosquitoes will die and not survive these climates and the virus of advance would die with them. And will not be able to backpack admitting the colder climates.  Because of how this virus furnishings the collective with all the deepening and alternative collective issues it was advised to be alarm the  "breakbone fever" or "dandy fever." Due to the furnishings it did to your anatomy and how it afflicted it fabricated these names absurd to be afflicted to alternative names. It would assume like it would permanently effect aggregate in your anatomy and would concrete change it to be afflicted in a way that it could not be antipodal in any way or form. It would assume like it was so adamantine for these bodies to go admitting this change and accomplish it assume so incredibly hard to accord with these issues. It makes it aloof such a antic blazon of virus that annihilation can advice fix it.  Instruction- you charge acknowledge in 100-150 words in a absolute manner.  paraphrase from all sources and adduce in argument as able-bodied as accommodate abounding end ref advice in APA format.  Please accommodate Credible References and APA format.  References not included in chat count.  You may never use Wikipedia or any alternative Open Source to abutment this academy akin work! 

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