discussion post 300 words each (two discussions)

As the apple continues to become added all-around because of abstruse advances, the risks will increase. Accept one of the all-around accident areas: economic, environmental, geopolitical, societal, or technological. Then accept a specific affair accompanying to the all-around accident area.  Describe the ethical issue.  Evaluate how the accident could best be mitigated. Your acknowledgment charge be a minimum of 300 words.  Use at atomic one bookish or aboveboard source. A accepted agitation in belief is universalism against relativism of belief and moral codes. A frequently asked catechism is “Does a accepted moral cipher abide behindhand of an individual’s culture?” As organizations are acceptable more global, and compassionate of universalism against relativism of ability belief is important.  Compare and adverse universalism and relativism. Evaluate how universalism and relativism affect all-around amusing accumulated responsibility. Your acknowledgment charge be a minimum of 300 words.  Please use at atomic one bookish or aboveboard antecedent in your discussion.

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