Discussion physical security

  For this appointment you are appropriate to address a minimum of two paragraphs for anniversary question. Anniversary branch should accept at atomic one in-text citation. You should not echo any of the citations acclimated (Different commendation for anniversary citing). Every branch should accept at atomic four complete sentences. Anniversary catechism should accept a explanation (Bold and Centered). You charge additionally acknowledge to at atomic two of your classmates’ posts with at atomic 100 words anniversary afore the due date. You charge to use the altercation lath attack provided in the accepting started folder. Your antecedent column is due by Wednesday1159pm, and the responses are due by Saturday of anniversary week. What was the name of the aboriginal computer network? Who created this network When did this arrangement got established? Explain one of the aloft disadvantages of this arrangement at its antecedent stage What is TCP? Who created TCP? When was it implemented What is IP? When was it implemented How did the accomplishing of TCP/IP accommodate advice technology? Your antecedent column is due by Wednesday, and two responses of 100 words minimum are completed by Saturday. You will lose 50% of the account if the aloft requirements are not followed. Please ensure to use the DB attack and adduce accordingly.  

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