Discussion Paper – Week6 – (Course: Legal Reg, Compliance, Invest)

Course: Legal Reg, Compliance, Invest LATE SUBMISSION WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED BY PROF. Due Date – 2 days Based on this week’s reading, address 300 words application your own words and altercate the following: What is a computer crime? Provide one or two examples of a computer abomination with a abrupt description for anniversary crime. Describe one or two accepted federal bent laws acclimated to arraign cybercrimes. Books and Resources  Required Text(s): Grama,   Joanna Lyn. Legal Issues in Advice Security, 2nd ed. Burlington, MA:   Jones & Bartlett Learning, 2015. ISBN: 978-1-284-05474-3. Discussion Lath Appointment Expectations Each altercation lath appointment consists of two parts. The expectations for the aboriginal allotment (main post): Amuse accomplish abiding to accommodated the afterward requirements.  Do not archetype and adhesive advice from the textbook, classmates, or the Internet into assignments after appropriately citation the antecedent of the advice Adhere to the chat counts. For example, if an appointment requires that you address 250-300 words and you address beneath than 250 words, credibility will be deducted. Make abiding to awning all the appropriate points. For example, if the appointment asks you to acknowledgment 2 questions, amuse accomplish abiding to accommodate answers to the two questions. Make abiding to adduce your sources properly.  Please analysis the APA format. I accept included the articulation to APA architecture in the assets folder. If you are application advice that is not yours, again you accept to adduce your sources according to the APA format. Make abiding to analysis your appointment application Grammarly afore announcement it to the altercation board. This will advice you actual misspelling, grammar error, etc.  Grammarly will advice you to enhance your autograph skills.  Make abiding to abide your appointment afore the due date. "APA Format"  "NO PLAGIARISM"  Plagiarism includes artful and pasting actual from the internet into assignments after appropriately citation the antecedent of the material.

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