Discussion paper

Note:300 words  20 hrs  time  No plagarism  2-3 references  The use of encryption can accept adverse furnishings on adventure acknowledgment and adventure investigations; however, from a aegis standpoint, encryption is a above basic in arrangement confidentiality.  Present your altercation for or adjoin an "universal key" which would acquiesce board the adeptness to break abstracts for an investigation.  State your position and back your attitude with 5 or 6 sentences acknowledging your attitude from advice you begin in accompanying cases or arguments fabricated in online publications.  Do not plagurize, use your own words back presenting. For this week, you charge to acknowledge to 2 of your peer's antecedent responses.  Your replies charge to be added than 1 or 2 sentences to access acclaim for posting.  Describe how you accede or disagree with their post.  Add to their post, but do not advance their position.  These are ethical questions with no appropriate or amiss answer.  In total, you charge to accept added than 3 posts (your antecedent and 2 replies to accept abounding credit).

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