Discussion: Nursing Informatics Competencies

Discussion: Nursing Informatics Competencies

Today’s fast-paced bloom affliction ambiance demands nurses to be accomplished not alone in their analytic convenance or specialty breadth but in the use of technology accoutrement that advance convenance and advance to bigger accommodating care. Basal and avant-garde technology competencies are appropriate and accepted as technology more touches and changes the job of every nurse. Numerous organizations, including the American Nurses Association (ANA), the American Medical Informatics Association (AMIA), and Healthcare Advice and Administration Systems Society (HIMSS), accept developed nurse-specific technology competencies. The claiming for nurses is to analyze both needs and training opportunities.

In this Discussion, you analyze the role informatics plays in your able responsibilities. You define claimed gaps in abilities and ability and again advance a plan for self-improvement.

To prepare:

  • Review Nursing Informatics: Scope and Standards of Convenance in this week’s Learning Resources, absorption on the altered anatomic areas it describes. Consider which areas chronicle to your accepted nursing responsibilities or to a position you captivated in the past. For this Discussion, analyze one or two of the best accordant anatomic areas.
  • Review the account of competencies recommended by the TIGER Initiative. Analyze at atomic one accomplishment in anniversary of the capital areas (basic computer competencies, advice articulacy competencies, and advice administration competencies) that is pertinent to your anatomic area(s) and in which you charge to strengthen your abilities. Consider how you could advance your abilities in these areas and the assets aural your alignment that ability accommodate training and support.
By Day 3

MUST BE 2 PAGES. Post the key anatomic area(s) of nursing informatics accordant to your accepted position or to a position you afresh held, and briefly call why this area(s) is relevant. Analyze the TIGER competencies you called as capital to your anatomic area(s) in which you charge improvement. Call why these competencies are all-important and outline a plan for developing these competencies. Include any assets that are accessible to you aural your alignment and the means you ability admission those resources. Assess how developing nursing informatics competencies would access your capability as a nurse.

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