A arrangement is a accumulating of computers and accessories affiliated together. The internet is the world’s better computer network. This acceleration in telecommunications and both active and wireless networks has opened up the possibilities for telecommuting (working about at home but tethered to the company’s office) and teleworking (working from anywhere application adaptable accessories and smartphones).  Studies accept apparent that telecommuting can absolutely access a company’s productivity. Teleworking, that is, alive from anywhere, comes with a abeyant abrogating amount – the blackmail of “always working” and the alongside affair of “always actuality accessible or online.”  Would you like to accept a job for which you telecommute or telework instead of activity in to the office? Why or why not? What are some of the advantages and disadvantages for you as the agent and for the business as the employer in accepting teleworking or telecommuting an accustomed policy?  This column  must be accurate by accordant information. Prove the point you are authoritative by a) citing external research, b) citation readings from the chic content, or c) accouterment examples or  claimed adventures that are accordant and abutment your position on the topic. 

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