Discussion help Power, Privilege, and Classism

   Power, privilege, and classism are interconnected. The added advantage you enjoy, the added ability you accept to admission opportunities that body wealth. The added abundance you can amass, the college your amusing standing. It is important to agenda that accepting abundance is not an indictment. However, the privileges that accept generally led to inequalities in abundance administration are real. As a amusing worker, you may acquisition yourself alive with audience who do not adore the privileges you advisedly or aback enjoy. The added you accept your own accord to power, privilege, and class, the bigger you will accept your clients' realities. For this Discussion, analysis how classism is represented in the Hernandez family. Use APA Format and citings from: Adams, M., Blumenfeld, W. J., Castaneda, C., Catalano, D. C. J., DeJong, K., Hackman, H. W,... Zuniga, X. (Eds.). (2018). Readings for assortment and amusing amends (4th ed.). New York, NY: Routledge Press. Section 3 Intro Classism (pp. 164-172) Chapter 26, Chic in America (pp. 173-182) Chapter 28, Race, Wealth, and Equality (pp. 185-191) Chapter 29, What’s Debt got to do with it? (pp. 192-195) Chapter 34, Deep thoughts about chic advantage (pp. 204-208)  Chapter 41, “Classism from our mouths” and “Tips from Working-class activists” (pp. 229-233) Chapter 42, Deep thoughts about chic advantage (pp. 223-237)     Post An account of how classism is approved in the Hernandez video. Identify specific barriers to amusing casework that the Hernandez ancestors adventures because of their chic cachet (e.g., alive poor). Explain how the circle of chic (e.g., alive poor), ethnicity (e.g., Hispanic), and clearing history (e.g., move from Puerto Rico to mainland) may added appulse the Hernandez’s experience. Identity 2-3 strengths in the Hernandez family. Provide recommendations for how amusing workers ability abode issues of classism present in the Hernandez case. Explain how recommendations would abode chic issues. Heres the case assignment on Hernandez Family:  Hernandez Ancestors Episode 4 Program Transcript FEMALE SPEAKER: So how's your anniversary going? What's accident with that Hernandez family? That's their name, right? You were accepting some challenges there? FEMALE SPEAKER: They've absent four of their parenting classes, so far. FEMALE SPEAKER: So they haven't completed the parenting group? FEMALE SPEAKER: I accept to alarm the ACS artisan and let her know. They're apparently activity to accept to booty the classes over again, and that's activity to be tough. The ancestor misses overtime to appear to the classes, and they absolutely await on that money to accomplish ends meet. FEMALE SPEAKER: You accept article abroad on your mind. Say it. FEMALE SPEAKER: I should accept discussed this with you earlier. I don't apperceive why I didn't. But conceivably they weren't the best candidates for this to activate with. FEMALE SPEAKER: Because of their banking situation? FEMALE SPEAKER: Yes, and article else. I bethink the ACS worker. And back she talked about absent Elena, she kept calling them Mexicans. It was absolutely aspersing the way she said it. FEMALE SPEAKER: So you're adage she ability accept been biased into mandating that they booty these classes? FEMALE SPEAKER: Yes. The added I anticipate about it, she never talked to me about aggravating to accept the way they're adopting their children. And that Mexican remark, it aloof absolutely wasn't respectful. It's like she had already fabricated up her apperception about bodies from that culture, and now they're advantageous the amount for it.   Assignment: Child Abuse and 

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