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  Please acknowledgment the afterward 2 questions. Remember that altercation appointment response: Include Intro and apriorism statement clearly advertence what catechism you are attempting to acknowledgment and how you will go about accomplishing this. Content needs to abutment your arguments – can draw from abstracts acclimated in-class – notes, readings, videos, altercation forums, or alternative materials Conclusion Wrap up your thoughts and analysis; accompany aggregate aback together References Questions for Module 3 Why do you anticipate the ante [communicable diseases] are so aerial amidst adolescent First Nations women?  You additionally charge to anticipate about the amusing determinants of bloom and what role this plays in the bloom and wellbeing of Indigenous people. Anticipate about how a abridgement of affection housing, job security, and admission to affordable affection aliment comedy into the accident factors. What about systemic racism and admission to bloom care? How does this fit into the bloom and wellbeing of Indigenous people?  Module 4*** (I accept absitively to change this question, however, if you accept ahead submitted your response, you do not charge to change anything). How can the issues associated with diet, obesity, and aliment crisis be addressed? How would these issues alter amid urban, rural, and alien communities? Accept you appear beyond alternative examples that assume to assignment for that accurate community?  

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