Discussion—Evaluating Twelve-Step Programs

Discussion—Evaluating Twelve-Step Programs The twelve-step affairs has been a cornerstone of actuality corruption analysis for decades. Proponents and opponents of the twelve-step affairs agitation its capability at analysis of actuality addiction. These programs are about supplements to analytic treatment. Some individuals are able to advance abnegation from accord in a twelve-step program. Use the bore readings and the Argosy University online library assets to analysis twelve-step programs, in accurate focus your analysis on Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). Download and analysis the case study. Using the case abstraction and your analysis on twelve-step programs and AA, acknowledge to the following: What are the advantages and disadvantages of twelve-step programs? Are these programs effective? Please present bookish affirmation back answering this question. How did the applicant in the case account from the program? What were the disadvantages of the affairs for this client? Support your responses application your bore readings and accurate resources. Incorporate approach and absolute advice in your response. Write your antecedent acknowledgment in 2–3 paragraphs. Apply APA standards to commendation of sources. Notes:, pDiscussion . Through, Notes: 1 way to anticipate about this appointment is to ask yourself:  Why would I accelerate a applicant to 12-step programs?  What would I be acquisitive he/she would gain?  What cautions ability I accord them if any?  What would I not expect 12-step programs to provide? Some of you may ambition to appraise another "step" programs -- Rational Recovery, Women in Sobriety, etc.   For the LASA:  Make abiding you attending at the credibility on the rubric.  Most of the credibility accept to do with three altered assessments.  These charge to be SPECIFIC ("interview" is not specific enough) and able-bodied authentic and described. You can accept added slides if you appetite -- but not less.   Have an addition and conclusion.  Use your presenter notes.  Do NOT put added than about 10 words on a slide.  Reference your graphics.   In accomplished classes, I had some questions -- the answers may advice you: 1.  Yes, the blueprint needs to accept specific assessments.  Here is an archetype for earlier adults: https://consultgeri.org/try-this/general-assessment/issue-17 Here is a cardboard and account of assessments for youth: https://pubs.niaaa.nih.gov/publications/assessingalcohol/behaviors.htm 2.  Slides are free!  Yes, you can accept added than the requirement, but not less. 3.  Title and references don't calculation as a slide. 4.  Reference your graphics, accessible peasy.  See the PowerPoint hints. 5.  It's a inclement assignment, do your best to accomplish it breeze in your notes.  About 1-2 paragraphs for anniversary slide. 

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