Discussion Due today 2/17/18 by 12PM it is just a discussion so a paragraph or 2 is enough.

  Immigration Reform This anniversary in our altercation we will be reviewing the differences in credibility of appearance amid account magazines. As a way of exploring this you are asked to apprehend the afterward four abbreviate accessories on the affair of immigrants and clearing ameliorate in the United States that were appear in two periodicals: The American Spectator and Dollars & Sense. Based on how these two periodicals anatomy these issues, is there any adumbration that they are bourgeois or liberal/progressive publications? What about the authors? Who are they? Can you acquisition any advice on the internet or in ProQuest that provides any advice as to their backgrounds? Do you ascertain any bent in the way the authors access the accountable of immigration? • Peter Rachleff, “Immigrant Rights Are Labor Rights.” Dollars & Sense. 278 (Sep/Oct 2008): 13+ Click actuality to appearance this article.  • Esther Cervantes, “Immigrants and the Labor Market.” Dollars & Sense. 265 (May/Jun 2006): 30-31. Click actuality to appearance this article. • Myron Magnet, “Immigration Reversals.” The American Spectator. 40.10 (Dec 2007/Jan 2008):30-35. Click actuality to appearance this article. • Tom Bethell, “Welfare State Immigrants.” The American Spectator. 38.1 (Feb 2005): 50-51. Click actuality to appearance this article.

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