Discussion Board Week 2

  Discussion: Professional iden  Discussion: Professional identity Photovoice is a adjustment acclimated to visually  represent a abstraction or idea. When you use the adjustment of photovoice to  explain a phenomena, idea, or circumstance, you anticipate and acquaint  more acutely through symbols and representation. In turn, your admirers  may alpha to see what you call in new ways. Please  review the certificate blue-blooded “Examples of Photovoice” to get a faculty of  how photos can be acclimated to symbolize, represent or body an abstruse  concept. The photo that you upload can be a photograph that you booty  yourself or an angel you begin from addition antecedent (Be abiding to accommodate  an adapted advertence for any photo that is not your own). Any photo  that you upload charge not be of a being or a accumulation of people. Their  faces cannot be identifiable because this would breach their privacy.  Again, booty a attending of some of the examples in the certificate to get ideas.   For this discussion, accept one of the NASW  Code of Ethics (2008) ethics listed beneath that afflicted your accommodation  to become a amusing worker.   Service  Social justice  Dignity and account of the person  Importance of animal relationships  Integrity  Competence By Day 4 Post a photograph that  represents or symbolizes the value. Then, briefly explain why you chose  this photograph and call how it represents your claimed and  professional value. *For abundant instructions on how to upload your photograph, see "Examples of Photovoice" in Resources.tity

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