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A cardinal ambition of any healthcare alignment is the affection achievement of the employees. The Institute of Medicine (1998) created the best accustomed analogue of affection in the healthcare industry: accommodating casework accepted with accurate ability that aftereffect in a adapted bloom outcome. Research advice on high-performance organizations and accommodate 5 cardinal methods that could be acclimated to advance agent abundance in the healthcare organization, impacting quality.

Thread charge be at atomic 650 words and authenticate course-related knowledge.  Each cilia charge accommodate a biblical affiliation and at atomic 2 peer-reviewed antecedent citations in accepted APA architecture in accession to the text 


Write a Post of 350–400-word acknowledgment to anniversary Discussion, accommodate a biblical affiliation and at atomic 2 peer-reviewed antecedent citations in accepted APA architecture in accession to the text.

Discussion #1

Employee abundance and assurance should be at the captain for a healthcare alignment to ensure connected affection is the basal band throughout their institution. As the alternation and time spent architecture the agent abundance breadth of the alignment spills over to affection and the end user.

Employee abundance can be ensured by accepting the actual managers in abode and utilizing ability akin systems. Agent abundance and agent achievement should be monitored so that the advised authoritative ambition is met. “Continuously it should be emphasized that agent achievement appraisement is anon affiliated with the action of the organization” (Grigoroudis & Zopounidis, 2012)

Maintaining knowledge-level systems anon “support the ability and abstracts workers in an organization” which in turns allows advice breeze and best able practices to be completed by the absolute agents area the end user the accommodating and patients families accept connected quality. (Pynes & Lombardi, 2011, p. 382)

Additionally applying expert-based ability and advice from alfresco of the bloom affliction alignment inserts a layered angle to the healthcare conduct from ability cadre which in about-face is a apparatus for healthcare providers and executives. (Pynes & Lombardi, 2011)

The ability abstruse can be activated to analytic and authoritative accommodation authoritative ensuring adequacy and latest techniques and procedures ability abject is amid appropriate central their alignment which trickles to the employees. (Pynes & Lombardi, 2011)

In aspect the expert-based ability works like a pump from ability flow. Flowing from the top of bureaucracy and catastrophe with the patients. The accustomed ability begins from the bloom affliction providers and admiral arch to the able managers in abode afterward to the agents that aftermath and complete the accustomed effort. With the accommodating benefiting in affection from the ability acquired from all.

Aligning agent abundance and achievement with the ambition and strategies of what the alignment stands for is important for affection advance and authoritative longevity. Championing advanced advance and adherence to agent abundance and ability is accomplished by average managers “Who admission and allure bookish basic and ability administration which increases agent motivation, achievement and authoritative commitment” (Valentina, 2014, p.190)

Follow on management-level systems can be instated to advice advance and advance average managers adequacy and controlling abilities in areas “Beyond the ambit archetypal advertisement advice and accumulation rules to all-embracing compassionate of the knowledge, skills, abilities and alternative characteristics” of abeyant and accepted advisers (Pynes & Lombardi, 2011, p. 383)

Biblical Affiliation can be activated to the framework of individuals alive appear advance and accomplishing article advantageous with what one has been giving and not absolution it go to waste.

Matthew 25: 16-18 writes about talents and three men who did article altered with the talents entrusted into them “He who had accustomed the bristles talents went at already and traded with them, and he fabricated bristles talents more. So additionally he who had the two talents fabricated two talents more. But he who had accustomed the one aptitude went and dug in the arena and hid his master's money” (The Holy Bible, English Standard Version, 2016)


Grigoroudis, E., & Zopounidis, C. (2012). Developing an agent appraisement administration system: The case of a healthcare organization. Operational Research, 12(1), 83-106. doi:http://dx.doi.org.ezproxy.liberty.edu/10.1007/s12351-011-0103-9

Pynes, J. E., & Lombardi, D. N. (2011). Animal assets administration for bloom affliction organizations: A cardinal approach. San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass. ISBN: 9780470873557.

Valentina, N. (2014), The appulse of HR managers’ roles on implementing best HR practices and alluring and application best employees. Administration & Marketing, 12 (2) 190-204. Retrieved from https://doaj.org/article/b8faef9686524183abc8181674d1cec0

Discussion #2

Improving the achievement of an alignment by award cardinal methods to enhance this is the ultimate ambition of any bloom affliction facility. Over years, methods accept been bigger by animal ability administration through the use of technology. As technology has increased, advice technology has been benign for the alignment of systems. “Information technology is actuality acclimated not alone to automate accepted tasks, but additionally more to restructure and accommodate procedures and programs for commitment systems,” (Pynes and Lombardi, 2011, p.378).  These advice systems will advice with abundance and breeze of bloom affliction abstracts advice aural a bloom affliction system. It is up to animal assets agents to accomplish decisions and apparatus casework that will accommodate able measures for the organization. In adjustment for advisers and technology to amalgamate well, factors charge to be considered. Integrating these two variables to ensure high-performance affection can be complex. For advice systems to work, animal assets administration can accede “conducting job and assignment breeze analyses, recruiting and selecting able people, and accouterment training and retraining so that advisers are abreast about and adequate with technology,” (Pynes et al., 2011, p.387-388).

Linking aerial achievement affection and assignment environments to chump achievement is a agency to acceptable the achievement article of the organization. Research suggests three observations to that are affiliated aerial achievement affection work. First, advisers accept they can accommodate bigger affection assignment back there is admission to the use of aerial achievement assignment systems (HPWS). Second, if patients apperceive beatitude with the casework they rendered, advisers feel as if they provided high-quality services. Third, all-embracing achievement of a bloom affliction alignment appear from the affection of all services, (Scotti, Harmon, & Behson, 2007). Specific administration practices aid and accord to the high-performance assignment systems. Relational allocation and the accomplishing of aggregation architecture practices are a brace of means that administration can accord to these systems. Administration practices “function as engines that actuate the change of a assignment ambiance in which the perceptions of advisers are accumbent with the account adventures they accommodate to patients and construe into added accommodating satisfaction, (Scotti et al., 2007, p.119).  

Implementing strategies in bloom affliction organizations, new or reconstructed strategies, are advised to be able measures. They crave animal assets appraisement of these methods, training of agents and employees, and the convenance of teamwork. These three attempt will accommodate a solid foundation for aerial achievement assignment practices that prove action aerial affection services. Some methods to ensure this capability are: “management support; banking ability availability; accomplishing of behavior and practices; innovation-values fit; attendance of a champion,” (McAlearney, Robbins, Garman, Song, & McVey, 2013, p.454). Administration abutment comes from the adherence and administration of administration teams to transform the alignment for better. Banking ability availability, both budgetary and animal resources, are bare to abutment aloft changes aural an organization. Administration can apparatus behavior and practices by standardizing analytical best practices. Innovation-values fit is acclimated to accommodate strategies that are constant with the ethics of the organization, while absorption on the culture, and authoritative changes as necessary. Attendance of a best suggests which individuals are present aural an alignment that are accommodating to go aloft and above to accomplish the changes. All of the strategies will advice advance the achievement of an organization. The ultimate amount to bethink back implementing strategies is: the achievement of patients will advance to greater bread-and-butter allotment on advance for an organization. “In the aforementioned way, let your ablaze flash afore others, so that they may see your acceptable works and accord celebrity to your Father who is in heaven,” (Matthew 5:6, NIV).


McAlearney, A. S., ScD., Robbins, J., PhD., Garman, A. N., PsyD., Song, P. H., PhD., & McVey, L. A. (2013). Implementing high-performance assignment practices in healthcare organizations: Qualitative and conceptual Evidence/PRACTITIONER APPLICATION. Journal of Healthcare Management, 58(6), 446-62; altercation 463-4. Retrieved from http://ezproxy.liberty.edu/login?url=https://search-proquest-com.ezproxy.liberty.edu/docview/1467941243?accountid=12085

Pynes, J. E., & Lombardi, D. N. (2011). Animal assets administration for bloom affliction organizations: A cardinal approach. San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass. ISBN: 9780470873557.

Scotti, D. J., Harmon, J., & Behson, S. J. (2007). Links amid high-performance assignment environment, account quality, and chump satisfaction: An addendum to the healthcare sector. Journal of Healthcare Administration / American College of Healthcare Executives, 52(2), 109.

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