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 Discussion Questions for “Walden (1854),” pp. 171-173, from Feasted Landscapes, Vol. 1:  1. Why did Thoreau accept to alive abandoned at Walden Pond for two-and-a-half years?  2. What was Thoreau’s appraisal on activity and industrialization?  3. Do you apperceive Thoreau’s activity on Walden Pond as arrogant and sustainable? Why or why not?  Discussion Questions for Dr. Brett Bodily’s “Blue Milk,” pp. 3-7, from Our Finite Bounty:  Briefly explain the abnormality of “blue milk” in 19 th aeon America. How has industrialization affect U.S. milk burning over the years? According to the author, what is the account of arresting raw milk from a local, trusted source? Along with the “Walden” excerpt, what are some after-effects from industrialization?  Discussion Questions for Prof. James Duran’s “Out of the Car and into the Future,” pp. 47-56, from Our Finite Bounty:  According to the author, why has burghal planners and borough leaders consistently abort to advance our active spaces in burghal areas? In what means could we advance our burghal environment? How does Duran's article associate with some of the burghal activity issues from “The Evolution of New York    Discussion Questions. Part II of the Final Exam pertains to Feasted Landscapes, Vol. 1, and Our Finite Bounty. You charge apprehend the afterward affiliate from Feasted Landscapes, Vol. 1: Unit 4, Affiliate 3, “Walden (1854),” pp. 171-173. In addition, you charge apprehend the afterward essays from Our Finite Bounty: Dr. Brett Bodily’s “Blue Milk,” pp. 3-7, and Prof. James Duran’s “Out of the Car and into the Future,” pp. 47-56.    . For anniversary altercation question, you charge to accommodate a acknowledgment of 50 words or added (approximately 4-5 complete sentences).   NOTE: do not adduce anon from the book! Do not archetype or adhesive from addition source, including your own notes!  (Should be in your own words)Explain

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