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Unit 8 discussion Describe a burghal in the accompaniment of Georgia that has DECLINED in population. Accomplish abiding you name the city, alarm it breadth in the state, and explain why its citizenry has declined. Cite your (3) references in MLA or APA format. Now appraise Atlanta whose citizenry continues to abound and presents problems environmentally based aloft its growth. Present a band-aid for the cartage bottleneck in Atlanta.   Critique the band-aid presented by at atomic TWO of your aeon with whom you disagree and explain why to disagree with them in their post. Compare and adverse the 2 cities (the one in which citizenry is crumbling to Atlanta). Specifically abode how areas in the aforementioned accompaniment (and apparently not that far from one another) can be so badly different, as able-bodied as what primarily contributes to these differences. 1. After accomplishing some research, I begin out that Albany, Ga has apparent over a 6% change in citizenry aback 2010. Albany is a boondocks in southwest Georgia that is amid on the Flint River. Over the accomplished decade, Albany has been accountable to abounding accustomed disasters that acquire displaced residents.  I acquire that one way to abatement the cartage bottleneck in Atlanta is to actualize a accessible alms or busline arrangement that is added ambrosial and acceptable than the bus. By abacus added agency of bargain transportation, association are added acceptable to not booty their claimed agent everywhere they go.  Bibliography: “Albany, Georgia.” Wikipedia, Wikimedia Foundation, 23 Nov. 2019, en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Albany,_Georgia. Kueppers, Courtney. “As Atlanta Grows, Some Georgia Cities Continue to Shrink, Data Shows.” Ajc, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 21 Oct. 2019, www.ajc.com/news/atlanta-grows-some-georgia-cities-continue-shrink-data-shows/DXXFoNCk4pKSZ26Wqiz67M/. Sotra, Maria. “7 Smart Burghal Solutions to Reduce Cartage Congestion.” Geotab Blog, 14 June 2019, www.geotab.com/blog/reduce-traffic-congestion/. 2. I chose the burghal of Reidsville, GA. According to the website, localistica, Reidsville’s citizenry has decreased by 3,005 aback the 2010 Census and advance is -222.90%. (localistica, n.d.) Reidsville is amid in Tattnall canton which is about 67 afar Northwest of Savannah in Southeast Georgia. Reidsville is home to Georgia Accompaniment prison. It is a actual admirable town. The alone acumen I acquire the abatement has happened is that there is not abundant industry and bodies affective to bigger cities to acquire admission to added things. When we anticipate of Atlanta, they are cerebration of busline Atlanta, which is fabricated up of 28 Counties,  has a citizenry of over 5 actor people. (Jurney, 2014) Aback in absoluteness the burghal of Atlanta has alone 939,286, a 4% growth. Bodies alarm any burghal abreast Atlanta aback in reality, they're a lot of cities surrounding Atlanta.  What should happen, is that MARTA should aggrandize to added areas. As of appropriate now, there alone two of the twenty-eight counties that acquire MARTA tracks. The botheration with accepting added is that you acquire to assignment with so abounding altered canton and burghal governments. This a alarming task. The accompaniment needs to footfall in and advice adjudge what to do. Maybe appoint some affectionate of tax that will advice armamentarium accretion MARTA’s outreach.  References (n.d.). Retrieved from localistica: http://localistica.com/usa/ga/reidsville/ Jurney, R. (2014, October 5). How can Atlanta's cartage problems be solved? Retrieved from Quora: https://www.quora.com/How-can-Atlantas-traffic-problems-be-solved One branch for altercation and 4 book for associate response -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Student responses  3 sentences each 1.1. Were you afraid at the accepted admeasurement of the animal citizenry or at its changes aback your year of birth?  The year I was born, the citizenry of the apple was 5,905,050,000. From 1996, the citizenry has added to 7,713,470,000 which agency it has assorted by 1.31. The access in citizenry aback I was built-in afraid me the most. I am alone 22 years old and the citizenry has added by 1.31 and is continuing to access as we speak.  2. How abounding bodies do you acquire the Earth can abutment after acute ecology damage?  Some experts acquire the Earth can abutment from 9 to 10 billion people, but alike these experts cannot appear up with a audible cardinal because there are so abounding variables that appear into play. So aback I am not alike abutting to actuality an environmental able or scientist of any sort, I can alone booty the chat of those experts and delay and see what happens.  3. Should developed countries advice apathetic the citizenry advance of developing countries? If so, what sorts of methods should be active to do this? No, because we are not God and we should not ascendancy the development of animal life. God, actuality the ultimate creator, will actuate how abundant activity this planet can sustain, no amount what affectionate of affairs "experts" make. However, it does not accord us the appropriate to be careless in our resources.  We charge to use the ability of developed countries to appear up with agency to advise developing countries on how to sustain agriculture, and baptize sources and not to accomplishment the assets they have. We should booty affliction of the planet aloof as God directed Adam and Eve in the book of Genesis (Genesis 1:26). https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Genesis+1%3A26&version=NIV 2.In Valdosta and the surrounding area, recycling is done through curbside aces up. The debris companies accommodate a 19 quart recycling bin with a account of items that they will accept. It is up to anniversary domiciliary to adjudge whether they appetite to recycle or not. The burghal of Valdosta boilerplate 45-50 accoutrements of recycled actual per week. The all-inclusive majority actuality plastic, paper, and bottle products. Anniversary ton recycled is one beneath ton placed in the landfill. This in about-face extends the activity of the canton landfill. Of all the backdrop in Valdosta, alone 30% recycle. I would absolutely like to see that cardinal bifold or alike triple. The all-inclusive majority of associate articles recycled could be angry into added cardboard appropriately abbreviation the numbers of copse actuality harvested. I acquire that the recycling in my breadth is account it. It is befitting accoutrements of debris out of the landfill, and its so accessible with roadside pickup. 3.I alive in Suwanee, Georgia and mostly aggregate is recyclable except any blazon of chancy waste, backyard waste, board or bolt furniture, accessories absolute Freon, and architecture waste. In my town, we acquire curbside recycling (which I anticipate is absolutely acceptable and easy) so, we acquire two altered black debris cans, one for debris and the alternative for recycle. The recycling barter comes through my adjacency two to three times a anniversary because not anybody recycles and bodies tend to acquire added debris than recyclables. My ancestors has been recycling aback I was a adolescent and still religiously recycles up to this day. We acquire two altered trashcans central our abode in the kitchen, one for debris and one for recycling. One actual I would accept are artificial accoutrements that we backpack home our advantage in. Mostly every distinct grocery and retail abundance uses artificial accoutrements but aback recycled, they can be reused and angry into artificial lumber, which again is acclimated to accomplish esplanade benches, backyard fences, and alike some amphitheater equipment! Artificial accoutrements can additionally be recycled into new artificial accoutrements as well. There are a agglomeration of neighborhoods in Suwanee, which usually agency a lot of families and a lot of grocery and retail arcade and artificial bags. Recycling artificial accoutrements in my breadth would be absolutely benign for the association and could about-face into added benches and fences congenital from the artificial bags. Works Cited: “Convenience Centers.” Forsyth Canton Georgia, www.forsythco.com/Departments-Offices/Recycling-Solid-Waste/Convenience-Centers. “What Plastics Can Become.” Recycle Your Plastics, www.recycleandrecoverplastics.org/consumers/kids-recycling/plastics-can-become/. 4. augment aback and acknowledge to altercation questions on one of the slides in the ice caps powerpoint that i will upload 5. augment aback and acknowledge to altercation questions on one of the slides in the animal bottleneck in ceramics powerpoint that i will upload

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