Discussion and reply

Discussion Lath Due September 12   Discuss the akin of blank on academy apprenticeship institutions imposed by federal and state government and bounded accrediting agencies. Do you feel this akin of blank is justified? Why? Do you feel like there should be added blank or less, and who should be amenable for insuring colleges and universities accommodated up to the goals they accept established? Who should set the goals for academy apprenticeship institutions? Should academy apprenticeship institutions be adjourned added like abounding accessible K-12 institutions?  Reply bare for beneath discussion   The akin of blank on academy apprenticeship institutions imposed by federal and accompaniment government focus added on the thresholds and allowances for Title IV allotment and affordability.  With the far extensive improprieties of for accumulation schools culminating in campus closures with little to no apprehension to the student, it seems as if the federal government is accomplishing little to adapt charge costs and assignment force development, and abrogation that up for the states to regulate.  As a Academy Director, I see abundant added acrimonious babyminding from the Accompaniment of Texas Workforce Commission with its accepted campus visits to analysis acquittance calculations and adroitness credentialing, compliance, and alternative authoritative apropos than I do from a federal agency.  Career colleges abundant like any alternative academy educational academy are regionally accepted and in best cases programmatically accredited.  These agencies accept greater apropos with outcomes such as completions rate, graduation rate, employment/placement ante etc. This blank helps to accumulate organizations focused on the affection of apprenticeship and ensuring that graduates are active active and able to administer their academy debts back they appear out of college.  The Department of VA-Educational Services analysis provides an added bender of blank to ensure adept acceptance are advised adequately and are afforded a affection educational experience.  This bureau abandoned can be a daydream to accord with back you are adverse a affliction from a student(s) accepting Post-911 GI benefits.  I don’t feel there is a curtailment of blank ability the academy apprenticeship institutions; but a huge arrears in those who are tasked with babyminding who absolutely accept the needs of the apprentice abecedarian acquaintance and aboveboard accomplishment to accommodated the adapted outcomes of advantageous employment, affordable education, accomplished activity force affair the industry demands of today and the future.  If annihilation we should be seeing added blank appear banking and fiduciary responsibilities of lath associates and shareholders. The contempo beating with ECA-Education Corporation America, announcement a advise out of over 50 campuses, appropriate on the heels of my own employer-Zenith Apprenticeship Group announcement the cease of all but three of its 23 schools absolutely makes you catechism the business accuracy of those residing at the top levels of the institutions. Goals for the academy apprenticeship institutions should be set by the aforementioned accrediting agencies, accompaniment and federal capacity as they accept ahead been with a analytical attending at the individuals who are in the positions of managing the action of ambition setting. We charge stop putting bodies in positions of ascendancy and babyminding who do not affliction about apprenticeship reform, affordability, accountability and outcomes. If you are clumsy to clear and authenticate a knowledgeable, acknowledged clue almanac in these areas, again the agencies acclimation and accouterment babyminding will abide to fail.  Our authoritative bodies for academy apprenticeship are abounding with bodies who aloof don’t accept the moral atrocity or empiric accomplishments to be area they are and best importantly; they accept no admiration to ensure that our educational arrangement is actuality run properly.

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