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  Writing a business plan is your map to how you are activity to operate.   Regardless of whether you are absorbed in demography over an absolute  business or starting a new one; they both accept challenges that you will  need to affected in adjustment to succeed.  Discuss one of the challenges in  starting a new business and how you may be able to abode that  challenge with a well-designed business plan.  Your claiming can be  unique to either a start-up or on-going business or both. Post by classmate   I  wanted to attending at what challenges a gym ability accept to accede as they  were architecture a business plan.  I alive in a boondocks of about 3,000  people and our canton has about 92,000 bodies that alive in it.  One of  my apropos as I was architecture a business plan is do we accept abundant  prospective audience in the breadth to abutment addition gym.  Currently there  are two gyms in the boondocks one actuality a baby hometown gym and the alternative  being a name cast gym.  To verify if we were in a burghal that had the  personnel to abutment a third gym I would use a admixture of qualitative  and quantitative methods.  Investopedia states that “Qualitative  analysis uses abstract judgement” (Smith, 2021).  Gym use and  percentage of bodies activity to a gym can change based on the state, chic  level and all-embracing admiration to go to a gym active added abstract data.   We again would charge to attending at the apple today to see what people’s  comfort akin of activity to the gym is.  With COVID abundant bodies  started affairs their own gym accessories because gyms were not open.  Will  this agency be an affair aggravating to accessible a gym?  We would charge to attending at  overall percentages of bodies that go to a gym to actuate if we alike  have the citizenry to abutment those numbers.  To accumulate this advice I  would charge to use assorted altered judgement models to accumulate this  information.  I could use actual abstracts to actuate the boilerplate  number of gym associates and again analysis abstracts to actuate out of those  members how abounding accept congenital their own gyms or are no best activity to a  gym.  These baseline numbers should accord me an abstraction if we accept the  population to abutment our business. Paul Smith, T. (2021, April 22). Qualitative Analysis. Retrieved from Investopedia: https://www.investopedia.com/terms/q/qualitativeanalysis.asp    

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