Week 11 6090  Personality Disorders  Readings • Morrison, J. (2014) Analysis fabricated easier: Principles and techniques for brainy bloom clinicians (2nd ed.), New York, NY: Guilford Press. o Chapter 16, “Diagnosing Personality and Accord Problems” (pp. 251–270) • American Psychiatric Association. (2013m). Personality disorders. In Analytic and statistical chiral of brainy disorders (5th ed.). Arlington, VA: Author. doi:10.1176/appi.books.9780890425596.dsm18 • Cicchetti, D. (2014). Illustrative adorning psychopathology perspectives on precursors and pathways to     • personality   disorder: Commentary on the appropriate issue. Journal of Personality   Disorders, 28(1), 172–179. doi:10.1521/pedi.2014.28.1.172  • • Ferguson, A.   (2016). Borderline personality ataxia and admission to services: A acute   social amends issue. Australian Amusing Work, 69(2), 206–214.   doi:10.1080/0312407X.2015.1054296  • • Document: The   Case of Cathy (PDF)  The Case of Cathy Cathy is a   32-year-old, divorced, heterosexual African American female. She came to her   first antecedent assimilation affair with complaints of abasement with acquiescent   suicidal thoughts, anxiousness, and agitation sleeping. She presented as   casually groomed, coherent, and ambition directed. Cathy’s primary affair was   the added accent in allowance her mother with her illness. Cathy letters a   history of aggressive suicide aback she was a teenager. Her ancestors anticipation   she was aloof aggravating to get attention. Cathy states that she was baleful   because she consistently acquainted empty, and sometimes she aloof acquainted so afflicted   that she didn’t apperceive how abroad to cope with these emotions. She denies any   suicide attempts. The afterward is a arbitrary of the antecedent arrangement and   assessment for Cathy. Cathy is the oldest of four accouchement (two brothers and   one sister), all of whom are affiliated and alive in the aforementioned community. Cathy   believes she is abutting with all her ancestors but sometimes gets so balked   with them she “can’t angle them”. Cathy works in a doctor’s appointment and lives   in a one-bedroom accommodation area she generally “isolates.” She is the primary   caretaker of her mother, who was complex in a car blow 20 years ago and   was larboard a quadriplegic. Cathy goes to her home circadian to advice with her   personal hygiene. Cathy has an arrest history and was confined for 3   years for drug-related charges. She was answerable with control and absorbed to   distribute. Cathy declared that at that time she was absorbed to heroin and   using daily. Cathy letters that she began application marijuana at 14 years old. As   she entered aerial academy she began experimenting with abounding altered kinds of   drugs. Her heroin use began aback she was 21 years old. Aback she completed her   prison sentence, she was paroled and allowable to appear a 1-year outpatient   drug analysis program, which she auspiciously completed. Cathy appear that   she alternate to application cocaine 2 years ago, advertence that it helps her do her   fast-paced job bigger and it keeps her activity up so she can advice her mother   early in the morning and backward at night. Cathy believes the cocaine use is   just an added accent analgesic as able-bodied as “retail” therapy. She letters   shopping has been a abundant abatement from the time she was alive abounding time. She   said no one in her ancestors or at her job knows that she has been accomplishing drugs.   Cathy additionally takes abundant medications assigned to her by her primary affliction   doctor, including an antidepressant and affliction medication. As we discussed her   presenting concerns, assorted issues came up. Cathy aggregate her animosity about   being her mother’s primary caretaker, stating, “I adulation my mom, but anybody   expects me to affliction for her. It feels so unfair, but it’s because I am not   married and don’t accept any children, this is aback I absolutely abhorrence my siblings.”   Cathy letters never activity as important as her ancestors and believes that is   why she is the alone one allowance her mom now. She believes they attending at her   differently aback she has a bent history. She said her ancestor does not advice   with the affliction of her mother and that all he does is “hang out.” She appear   feeling more balked with this added albatross and affronted   that her ancestor and ancestors accept relegated this job to her. She sometimes   resents her mother for her actuality in this situation. She was dysphoric as she   shared this agreeable and declared actuality “stuck.” She declared her ancestor as   a “manipulative loser.” She additionally declared that she afresh accustomed one of her   brother’s accompany to move in with her as a favor because he was abandoned and   had boilerplate to go. She said she believed he was a candied being who aloof has   had a adamantine time in life, and she capital to advice him. She had been acknowledging   him financially over the aftermost month, and was anxious because it appears that   he has not fabricated any accomplishment to get a job. She feared she fabricated a aberration   allowing him into her home and has befuddled him out several times. Cathy afresh   felt bad and accustomed him aback in. Cathy declared that this has been a arrangement   in her relationships her absolute life. Aback she aboriginal meets someone, she   idolizes them and believes that they can do annihilation wrong, afresh article   always happens and they end up affliction her. Cathy said that she and this new   roommate had sex one time aback he aboriginal confused in. She said they both got actual   intoxicated, and she is not abiding absolutely what happened, but she blacked out   and begin him in her bed, undressed. She afresh told him she had herpes, and he   responded that it had been a “mistake” and that he did not appetite to accept sex   with her afresh because he was abashed of accepting infected. Cathy became affronted   with him at this. Cathy explained that her promiscuity through her twenties   had resulted in this constant disease, and she bidding acrimony and acerbity   toward some men she had sex with. She said alike admitting the canker is   controlled with medication, she feels ashamed and fears she will never   have addition advantageous relationship. She said she feels used, slighted, and   humiliated by the man now active in her home. Cathy afresh aggregate that aback she   was 12 years old her ancestor confused her. She declared that she approved to balloon   what happened to her, but this contempo adventure with her new acquaintance brought   it up again. Cathy complained of contempo nightmares accompanying to the corruption and   exaggerated affright reactions to alternative people’s movements. Adapted from:   Plummer, S.-B., Makris, S., & Brocksen, S. (2013). Amusing assignment case   studies: Concentration year. Baltimore, MD: Laureate Publishing. Media  • • Laureate   Education (Producer). (2018e). Psychopathology and analysis for amusing   work convenance podcast: Personality disorders [Audio podcast]. Baltimore,   MD: Author.  • • Osmosis.   (2016a, August 15). Cluster A personality disorders (paranoid, schizoid,   schizotypal)—causes & affection [Video file]. Retrieved from   https://youtu.be/9BqaHfJI1Z4  • • Osmosis.   (2016b, August 17). Cluster B personality disorders (antisocial,   borderline, histrionic, narcissistic) [Video file]. Retrieved from   https://youtu.be/2XZ9cLJd5Gc  • • Osmosis.   (2016c, August 24). Cluster C personality disorders (avoidant,   obsessive-compulsive, dependent) [Video file]. Retrieved from   https://youtu.be/_n2YUhNg41M    Personality disorders can   arise through trauma, and they generally backpack added stigma. In this Discussion,   you assay a case abstraction focused on a personality ataxia while additionally   reflecting on how power, privilege, and stigma affect such diagnoses. To prepare: Review “The Case of   Cathy” and accede your cogwheel analytic action for her. Be abiding to   consider any accomplished diagnoses and what access they ability accept on her accepted   diagnosis and needs. Finally, acknowledgment to the Week 1 Discussion affair of stigma   and reflect on stigma accompanying to personality disorders. Discussion Personality Disorders Post by Day 4 a 300- to 500-word acknowledgment in which you abode the following: • Provide the abounding DSM-5 diagnosis. Remember, a abounding analysis should accommodate the name of the disorder, ICD-10-CM code, specifiers, severity, and the Z codes (other altitude that may charge analytic attention). Keep in apperception a analysis covers the best contempo 12 months. • Explain the analysis by analogous the affection articular in the case to the specific belief for the diagnosis. • Abutment your accommodation by anecdotic the affection which accommodated specific belief for anniversary diagnosis.  • Identify any abutting differentials and why they were eliminated. Concisely abutment your decisions with the case abstracts and readings.  • Explain how diagnosing a applicant with a personality ataxia may affect their treatment.  •  Analyze how ability and advantage may access who is labeled with a personality ataxia and which types of personality disorders.  • Identify how agony affects the case, either bottomward the analysis and/or consistent from accompanying affection or analysis of diagnosis. 

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